As a former daycare worker, I used to think less of parents for doing things like peeking through windows.


After becoming a mother herself, a former nursery worker opened up about the five things she most often judged parents for.

The things that Victoria now appreciates about parents that she used to judge them for at work were detailed in an open video she posted.


The ex daycare worker would get annoyed when children arrived in pyjamas


She says in the clip, which she uploaded to TikTok (@foxxvbaby), “The first one is when parents would drop off the kids super late.

“You know when there’s a cut-off time to take your kids to daycare…I totally understand being late now as a parent, but I’d get so annoyed they’d wait until after to bring their kid in, don’t ask me why,” said one frustrated daycare worker.

She goes on to say that it used to annoy her when parents sent their children to the nursery wearing pajamas.

I’m ashamed to admit it, but I can see how, at times, picking a fight isn’t worth it.

The next time, Victoria will tell you how frustrating it was when parents brought their children’s toys to the nursery.

“You’re not supposed to bring an outside toy into a lot of daycares — but anything that’ll get them out of the house and not screaming is a win!” she says.

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Victoria continues, “Another one is when the parents would sneak and peek through the window and watch us when we weren’t aware that they were sitting there watching.

For some reason, I used to find that extremely annoying; now, I’m just like, ‘Yes!

I never judged the mother who constantly appeared on the daycare’s surveillance cameras when I worked there, but now that I’m a mother myself, I’m sure I’d be one of those mothers.

After all that, the ex-day care worker admits she was judgmental of parents who picked up their children from nursery but weren’t dressed for work.

Before, I always wondered why you didn’t just drop everything and head over here as soon as you got off work.

I used to wonder why anyone wouldn’t want to be with their child 24/7, but now I get it.

Victoria wrote in the post’s caption, “Ohhhh the things childless people just don’t understand!”

The video quickly gained popularity, receiving over 74,000 views and countless comments from internet users worldwide.

As one user put it, “when I’m peeking,” all I do is watch my kid because it’s so rare to see them in their element, away from me.

“Parents bringing kids on their day off used to drive me crazy… I get it now,” another wrote.

An additional respondent joked, “I’m a teacher, and you better believe my son still goes to daycare in the summer.”

Another student shared, “I used to get sooooo aggravated when parents didn’t bring their kids home with them after a class party, and now I’m like yep stay there see ya later!”

Additionally, “I take the kids to daycare once a week so I can get some work done and clean the house without interruption,” she said.

“But I always get dressed like I’m going to work.”

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Someone else chimed in, “That was me just now — why don’t you pick up your kid first, then head to the store?” Right, I see it now.

Finally, another voice added, “Oof, the amount of money I pay for daycare, I am definitely squeezing in a child free moment after work lol.”


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