As a teacher, I have to use code words when communicating with parents about their children, and it’s bad news if they have a natural talent for leadership.


WONDERED how the teacher really feels about your kid?

Stop wondering; one woman in the field claims there’s a simple way to learn the answer.


The social media user explained it's not good news if your child is described as a


The educator posted a video to TikTok (@bored_teachers) in which she explains the codes she and her colleagues use to communicate with parents in private.

We have a code when we email parents,” she says in the clip.

Do you often hear the compliment, “your child is very social?”

The instructor explains that this is not cause for celebration because it probably means the students “won’t top talking.”

Then, she explains the deeper meaning behind another common saying among educators: “Their enthusiasm in the classroom is contagious.”

She explains: “It means they won’t calm down.”

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Moreover, many parents have probably gone home from a parents evening feeling smug after hearing that their child is a “natural born leader.”

The teacher explains that it’s nothing to be proud of because it just means your kid is “super busy.”

Since then, there have been 67,000 views of the video and hundreds of comments from people all over the world.

“100% can confirm,” wrote one teacher.

An additional participant joked, “Omg – I used the natural born leader today!”

Others have revealed the truths hidden behind other common sayings.

The comment, “Your son is going to make a great lawyer,” is a code for “your kid won’t stop arguing with me,” as one observer put it.

In another piece of writing, this person was described as someone who “dances to the beat of their own drum” and “doesn’t listen to anything they’re told.”

Thirdly, “My son’s pre-k teacher told me he was the most scientific kid she’s ever had, she probably meant he asks a million questions allll day long!”

A fourth parent explained that her child doesn’t share by saying, “My daughter’s teacher told me my daughter likes to play with all the baby dolls.”

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Someone else chimed in, “When my parents asked my kindergarten teacher about me, she said I got ‘is overly helpful’ because I was finishing my test and giving answers out so we could play.

“Your child is creative with their time,” another parent added, “idk what they are doing half the time and they won’t stay on task.”


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