As a woman who wears a size G, I find the idea of paying for a bra insulting.


She claims she doesn’t care that she’s a size G cup because she just doesn’t want to wear a bra.

A video posted by Austin-based content creator Nunu to her over 22,000 TikTok followers was met with enthusiastic approval for her stance on “freeing the girls.”


The Austin-based content creator believes the best things in life should be free


A voice in an audio clip said, “Wait, are you wearing a bra?

With her top hanging loose and her breasts bouncing, Nunu bursts into the frame.

“No, I took that thing off, it was getting in the way of my girls,” she replied.

A bra must be worn immediately, as ordered by this person.

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The answer is “No!” Melons were always meant to be unrestrained,” Nunu remarked.

“Cease this foolishness,” the person demanded.

Singing, “I could jiggle it if I want to, I could leave my bra behind, cause my boobs don’t bounce and if they don’t bounce, they ain’t no boobs of mine,” she implied that she could move her breasts freely without a bra.

“I hate wearing a bra,” she explained.

And Nunu continued, “Size G for my lil body, swinging in my truth lol.”

There was total consensus among her adherents on her philosophies.

“Free the girls,” wrote one commenter.

“Looking good to me,” said another.

“The house is in agreement,” replied a third.

She jiggles her chest despite a voice in the video demanding she put on a bra



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