As Christine informs the wives that she is leaving, Kody and Christine argue over custody in “Sister Wives.”

On the October 17th, Christine Brown informed Robyn Brown, Meri Brown, and Janelle Brown of her decision to leave Kody Brown and move to Utah. Sister Wives has two episodes. Christine had already made up her mind for a while, but she only recently sat down with the other wives to share it. The five adults gathered to record the contentious discussion.

Christine’s choice completely caught Meri and Robyn off guard. Janelle was aware that Christine might be leaving, but she continued to express her concerns about what would happen to the relationships between their children. There was a heated discussion among the group when Christine announced that she intended to travel to Utah with Truely, her youngest child with Kody.

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Christine reassured everyone, “She’ll be fine. Kody, who had been mostly quiet up to that point, jumped into the conversation at the mention of his daughter, saying, “It’s going to be hard and she’ll miss everybody and I’ll be taking her from Kody…it’s hard, don’t get me wrong.” He insisted, “You won’t be taking her away from me.” We will need to establish shared custody. It must be split 50/50.

“I’m not going to sit here and have her do this without objecting to it and saying that we’ve got to work something out for custody,” he continued in a confessional. I’m not familiar with how that appears. Christine expressed surprise at Kody’s response and informed him that she believed they had already had a private discussion about this. He responded, “I never said it was okay that you were moving. “We just discussed moving.”

kody brown wives

Christine had a different recollection, but Kody insisted on his position. He claimed, “I never said it was alright. “I never brought it up, but I never responded to that. You never requested permission to move. You claimed to be relocating. Okay, I agreed to let you go and said as much. However, you never mentioned moving to me when we first discussed this. You just said, “Let me go,” but that doesn’t mean you should immediately leave my life with Truely.

Kody firmly believed that he had to continue to play a significant role in his daughter’s life. Christine became upset by this because, despite the fact that she was close by, she felt he wasn’t spending enough time with any of their kids. She said, “I find it ironic that now that I’m leaving, he wants to get involved in my kids’ lives. He now requests equal time with us. He should have been more present during the entire time we lived here if he wanted 50/50 time. He is not awarded equally. For that, he hasn’t been around long enough.

Before Christine moved on and reassured the other wives that they would work out the future of holidays and birthdays as a family, the conversation continued in circles. She insisted, “If I leave, the bond between my kids and you won’t change.

Robyn and Meri were still uneasy. I’m still a little bit in shock, Robyn admitted. “I’m still contemplating what this implies for the family. I find it strange that Christine wouldn’t be my sister’s wife. I don’t know how long this has been coming, but it’s really disappointing to me. Meri continued, “I don’t know how many positive examples of the aftermath when a wife leaves a plural family and that’s scary to me.”

The lengthy discussion came to an end with the incident, and it was obvious that there were some unresolved hurt and confusion feelings. At 10:00 p.m. on Sundays, Sister Wives is broadcast. on TLC.

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