As Rob Marciano makes a rare appearance on the GMA morning show from a potentially dangerous location, his fans have pleaded with him to “stay safe.”


Rob Marciano, reporting from the scene of a devastating flood in California, has been urged by GMA viewers to take care of himself.

On Monday’s Good Morning America, Rob gave an on-the-ground report from California about the catastrophic flooding that has been happening there.


Rob waded through water during his segment as he discussed flooding in Monterey County


While reporting on the flooding in Monterey County and its effects on other parts of California, Rob was spotted wading through water up to his knees.

The weatherman trudged through the floodwaters, his bright blue jacket seemingly unscathed but his tan pants obviously drenched.

While delivering the forecast, Rob emphasized the importance of high water vehicles and bicycles as the only means of transportation to and from the affected areas.

Waters were rushing all around him in a frightening display.

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Viewers quickly picked up on the fact that Rob wasn’t appearing to be in the safest of environments.

Concerned fans posted messages on social media platforms to Rob.

Persona non grata Please keep those in California in your prayers. Be careful!

Another commented: “Please be careful Rob!”

As a third devoted follower pleaded, “Please take care of yourself!”

A fourth begged: “Be safe!”

An attentive viewer warned Rob to “avoid the deeper waters” as he moved about the area to film footage.


Rob, meanwhile, joked about retiring after the Good Morning America show.

The popular GMA star posted an Instagram Story in which she poses against a backdrop of a rainbow.

Rob, age 54, had fun with the common belief that a leprechaun’s gold was hidden in a pot at the end of the rainbow.

Sadly, there is no pot of gold, as the meteorologist so hysterically stated.

His retirement hopes were dashed in the post’s caption, which he accompanied with a winking emoji.

The celebrity posted a photo of himself on Instagram posing in front of a rainbow.

The phrase “searching for my retirement” was included, as was an emoji of a pile of cash.

On March 10th, Rob wore his blue ABC News jacket for an on-camera appearance.

Rob stood in the pouring rain while reporting from Folsom, California, to alert viewers to a winter storm emergency.

It’s been a year since the morning show lost its father-of-two host.

Many viewers expressed their desire for the TV star to return to the morning show in a more permanent capacity by posting messages online.

It seems like there’s always a demand for more Marciano. The studio needs him, so why is he not there? Someone’s messed up on ABC News, someone said.

One more member of the group chimed in, “We miss Rob on here. The world would be a better place if he returned to it permanently.


After 11 years of marriage, Rob’s ex-wife Eryn filed for divorce in July 2022.

The U.S. According to public records in New York, Eryn quietly filed for divorce on June 18th, 2021, which Sun exclusively revealed.

Madelynn and Mason are the children of the exes.

Rob didn’t delete anything from his social media about the morning show, but fans worried about his status after he disappeared for months.

According to his social media posts, the divorced couple seems to be getting along well enough to take their children to Walt Disney World for Spring Break in April 2022.

It has been since June 2021, when she paid tribute to her late father on social media, that the real estate agent has mentioned her divorced husband on social media.

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Rob told PEOPLE last year, “The last couple of years have been very difficult,” in reference to the divorce.

I tried to prevent the divorce and did not want it, but it is happening. Right now, I’m concentrating on being a good dad.

Rob's bright blue jacket seemed unaffected, but his pants were wet all below the knees


The longer he stayed out reporting, the deeper the water seemed to get


Rob shared several shots of the severity of the flooding



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