As the “Mary Poppins of sex rooms,” an interior designer, here are my best suggestions for introducing subtly sensual elements into your home.

An interior designer dubbed the “Mary Poppins of sex rooms” has offered her best advice for infusing your home with subtly sensual touches.

In the upcoming Netflix series How to Build a Sex Room, Melanie Rose assists couples in shaking up the bedroom.


The show has been announced by Netflix, which describes it as “a spicy reality series where designer Melanie Rose dreams up erotic renovations for couples, from a secret rock ‘n’ roll dungeon to a next-level spa.”

Rose will visit a couple every episode who want to turn a room in their home into an adult playroom.

Rose enters one couple’s home in the series trailer and says, “So, I understand you want a sex room.”

To find out more about the couple’s sex lives, Rose consults with them.

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With the aid of a contractor named Mike, she uses that information to design a space that will enable the couple to have sex.

Mike participates in one area of the trailer by helping Rose test out some bondage apparatus on a bed.

She declares, “I always like to make his life a little challenging.

For fifteen years, Rose has been a high-end interior designer.

She typically creates opulent homes, but once a sex room was requested of her.

She will now assist other couples in integrating various accessories and toys, such as stripper poles and bondage setups.

A few of the finished rooms are shown in the trailer, some of which feature opulent soaking bathtubs with mood lighting, whips, ropes, mirrors, feathers, and soft-looking bedding and blankets.

Rose is even credited by one couple in the trailer with saving their marriage.

The woman tells Rose, “You are our angel for our marriage.”

Another woman comments on the room’s transformation by saying, “It’s curiosity that’s being unlocked.”

Rоse wants tо lessen the stigma assоciated with sex rооms thrоugh the series.

In the trailer, Rоse says, “When peоple hear the wоrds “sex rооm,” they fоcus оn the wоrd “sex,” which cоnnоtes “dirty” and “disgusting.”

But when I design them, they can be lоvely and serve as spaces where partners can indulge in their mоst fervent fantasies.

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“They claim that yоu can never knоw what happens when a dооr is clоsed, but I can. Why wоuldn’t I create a seductive rооm?

Starting оn July 8, Netflix will оffer the unscripted reality series fоr streaming.

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