As the search for disabled 6-year-old Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez enters its second week, a concerned neighbor speaks out.


A neighbor says the parents of a missing 6-year-old boy are wonderful people who would never harm their son.

Disabled both mentally and physically, Noel Rodriguez-Alvarez was last seen in Everman, Texas, in November, but his disappearance wasn’t reported until late March.


Cindy Rodriguez-Singh and her husband fled with six of her children to India


Cindy Rodriguez-Singh, 37, the mother of Noel, is suspected by police to have taken her six children, ages 5 to 11, and their Indian-born husband on March 23.

Both the delayed report of the missing child and the unexpected trip to India have cast suspicion on Noel’s mother and stepfather.

Behind the converted shed where the Evermans once lived is the home of Charles Parson, 71, who is the current owner.

About ten years ago, Rodriguez-Singh moved in with Parson after discovering her sleeping in her car.

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She and Parson became close, and he said he was her “adopted godfather” in an interview with the Star-Telegram.

According to Parson, both Noel’s mom and stepdad, Arshdeep Singh, are wonderful people who would do anything for their kids.

He continued by saying the two likely left the United States out of fear for their other children.

When Parson called his parents the day before they were supposed to pick him up from the hospital after surgery, he found that their phones had been disconnected.

He mentioned that Rodriguez-Singh’s previous loss of custody of her children “almost broke her completely,” even though neither of them brought up going to India.

Parson could not fathom the mother would intentionally hurt her son.

He gave an example of when one of their children was being bullied at school and how the parents stayed until they were sure their kid was safe.

After a welfare check on Noel last week, his mother told police that he was in Mexico with his father, prompting police in Texas to speculate that she is purposefully avoiding them.

Child Protective Services determined that this was not the case.

The mother’s truck was found abandoned at DFW Airport on Sunday night.

Authorities uncovered a passport for one of the other kids on March 21 that indicated the family was planning to visit Noel’s stepfather in India.

There was no record of the six-year-old on board.

On March 20, authorities received the first tip about the missing boy.

Parson said that the family had problems before Rodriguez-Singh had Noel’s half-siblings, but that those problems intensified after Noel was born.

Noel became envious of the five-month-old twins and stopped eating as a result.

Rodriguez-Singh told Parson that in November, when he was dangerously underweight, she tried to send him to his father in Mexico so that he could get more individualized care.

Noel has complex health issues, and one of them is a chronic lung disease that requires him to be given oxygen and special attention.

Rodriguez-Singh told Parson that Noel’s aunt on his father’s side had agreed to take care of him because Noel’s father had refused to take him in.

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The police are still following up on the possibility that Noel is staying with uncontacted family members.

According to the investigation, Parson and Noel’s dad have been helpful witnesses.

Parson explained how the parents would spoil the children and always provide for them


The family live in a converted shed behind Parson's house



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