As the steamy Al fling intensifies, Chas and Paddy’s devastating breakup in Emmerdale is “sealed.”

As the two intend to carry on their passionate fling in Emmerdale, Chas Dingle and Al Chapman’s relationship is expected to intensify.

But where does this leave Paddy, Chas’ husband who is uninformed?

Chas, who is angry, feels as though her life is spinning out of control as the news of her friend Faith’s cancer diagnosis hangs over her head.

The two share a passionate kiss as they seek solace in Al once more, and Chas suggests they reserve a hotel.

However, the following day, a failing Faith struggles with her chemotherapy and passes out, giving a guilty Chas no choice but to completely cut ties with Al.

Chas and Al plan to book a hotel

Chas agrees to Faith’s suggestion to throw a huge party to celebrate Paddy’s birthday in an effort to more than make up for her guilt.

However, when Kerry and Al later run into Paddy and Chas, the unspoken tension is obvious.

Al later admits to Chas that he was envious of her relationship with Paddy, but a resolute Chas insists she has no feelings for him.

Tensions are beginning to rise

Chas holds back her discomfort and her emotions the next day as Kerry describes her passionate night with Al.

Later, on Main Street, Al and Chas argue because they are both envious of the other’s relationship. Suspicious Charity observes the two as they engage in a rather heated argument.

Will Chas and Al’s illicit relationship be discovered, though?

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