As Ukraine’s combine harvesters roar back into action, children climb on Russian tanks that have been bombarded.

As Ukraine’s combine harvesters roared back into action, children clambered on blitzed Russian tanks.

Despite a Russian Black Sea blockade that runs the risk of causing global famines, farmers started the monumental task of reaping the fourth-largest grain harvest in history.


Farmers began the epic task of reaping the world's fourth largest grain harvest


Huge farm equipment rumbled through golden fields under blue skies, the colors of the national flag of Ukraine, which has become a symbol of resistance around the world.

It happened as families in Irpin, which is north of Kiev, took pictures of themselves with a wrecked Russian tank.

To remind people of their incredible victories in the early stages of Russia’s onslaught, authorities in Kyiv’s capital have parked a variety of blitzed Russian equipment on display.

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