As viewers worry about the “incest” twist, Emmerdale Mack’s mystery woman is “exposed” by them.

Emmerdale viewers have discovered a rather sinister twist regarding Mackenzie Boyd’s mystery woman because keen observers believe it may be quite personal.

After Charity Dingle had an ectopic pregnancy and started to push her partner away, Mack cheated on her. She insisted that she was okay with the loss of their child despite her own pain.

Fans are now concerned about a twist that feels “close to incest” and are certain that Mack’s mysterious bedfellow is related to Charity.

Fans “revealed” Emmerdale Mack’s secret partner, and it is not a woman.

Some have hypothesized that Mack slept with Belle Dingle, Charity’s ex-boyfriend Cain Dingle’s half-sister.

Belle is only 23 years old, so there would be a small age difference. This makes sense if Mack is anxious to start a family after Charity was labeled a “geriatric mother.”


Other fans have already made the shocking pregnancy twist prediction that Belle will suddenly appear pregnant with a Boyd-Dingle child, leaving Charity heartbroken.

One user who posted on social media to discuss their theories wrote: “God knows who Mack has copped off with. Most likely Chloe, as we actually got to see her tonight. Belle better not be it after just telling Chas how terrible cheating is!

Another complained, “We all know it’s Belle ffs. How long are they going to scroll this out with “who did Mack sleep with?”

“Mack’s cheating on Charity with Belle, 100%,” a third supporter echoed.

Mack Emmerdale

“We’ve decided it’s going to be Belle,” someone else wrote. Chas and Al are subject to a double standard. I must say that connection doesn’t sit well with me.

Despite getting on her high horse over Chas’s infidelity, Belle had an affair with married doctor Jermaine Bailey when she was only 17 years old. Bailey later moved in with her after losing everything.

Belle later had her sights set on Jamie Tate, who at the time was still married to Andrea, even though their relationship fizzled out.

The confirmation of actor Danny Miller’s return, however, has led some fans to believe that Mack’s enigma lover is actually Aaron Dingle rather than a woman at all.


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Because they never saw the partner’s face, astute viewers realized that Mack has never referred to his partner as “she” but always as “they.”

On Facebook, a user speculated: “I think Mack had a male partner. Perhaps Aaron. He always used the pronoun “they,” never “she.” merely a thought

“I did notice he kept referring to the person as they,” one person said in agreement, “and I thought that was a bit odd.”

Others emphasized the ‘chemistry’ Mack and Aaron had when he was still living in the village.

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7:30pm on ITV.

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