At a kite festival, six people were killed, including three children, after their throats were slashed by strings and they bled to death.


DURING AN ANNUAL KITE FLYING FESTIVAL, AT LEAST SIX SPECTATORS WERE KILLED after having their throats slashed by errant strings.

The day of celebration in Gujarat, India, took a sinister turn on Sunday, leaving three children among the dead.

Six people are dead after the horror kite festival in India


Large crowds had gathered to observe the sky display as the Uttarayan festival began.

Hundreds of participants set up shop on rooftops and terraces to launch their kites.

However, some partygoers allegedly used “sharp” strings that got tangled around festivalgoers’ necks.

According to officials from Bortalav, the lines horribly slit the throats of the six victims, causing them to bleed to death in front of horrified witnesses.

176 additional people also suffered cuts and falls while flying the kites, resulting in injuries.


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