Bachelor’s Jade Roper Sensing Tragic Loss: Profoundly Connected to Her ‘Little Angel’ Long Before Heartbreaking Miscarriage

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Bachelor in Paradise Alum Jade Roper Opens Up About Miscarriage Experience

In a recent Instagram Story Q&A, Jade Roper, known for her appearance on the reality show Bachelor in Paradise, shared her deeply personal experience with pregnancy loss. Despite not showing any physical symptoms, Roper sensed that something was wrong before learning about the loss.

Recognizing the Miscarriage

When asked how she recognized the miscarriage, Roper explained her intuition and the subtle changes she observed. She stated, “I didn’t have any symptoms except that I stopped feeling pregnant in certain ways, like my nausea lessened a lot and my belly where my uterus is stopped feeling hard and springy.” Roper also mentioned having an “inner knowing” that made her feel her unborn son was no longer with her.

One week after noticing these changes, Roper and her husband, Tanner Tolbert, were unable to detect a heartbeat. The heartbreaking news was later confirmed by an ultrasound, revealing that the baby had stopped growing approximately four weeks before the appointment.

A Nurturing Environment

Roper had previously shared her joyous pregnancy news on Instagram, announcing that she and Tolbert were expecting their fourth child, a son. However, she later revealed that her body had not naturally released the pregnancy, despite the baby’s heart no longer beating. She expressed her trust in her body and provider, hoping for a natural process to take place. Roper also shared that she and Tolbert had chosen the name Beau for their unborn son.

Following her disclosure of the pregnancy loss, Roper was briefly hospitalized as a precautionary measure. She visited the emergency room for blood work and an ultrasound, expressing concerns about the risk of infection. Fortunately, her lab results came back normal, and no infection was detected. Roper returned home, ready to heal emotionally after her hospital visit.

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The Decision for Surgery

Despite Roper’s initial desire to avoid medical intervention, her journey led her to undergo surgery on August 29. In an Instagram post, she expressed her unanticipated path, sharing a photo of herself wearing a hospital gown. Roper wrote, “I so badly wanted to bury him under a beautiful tree in our yard, to see any glimpse of his tiny body, which is why I held out so long trying to trust my body. But, it is time to heal and get to the other side of this loss.”

Inspiring Others

In her posts, Roper emphasized her intention to protect her peace and honor her unborn son’s memory by sharing only fragments of her experience. She expressed solidarity with others who face similar fertility struggles, stating, “I see you, I feel your pain, and I love you.” Roper also addressed her unborn son, Beau, noting that she carried him for almost five months and will forever carry him in her heart.

The journey through miscarriage can be an emotional and challenging one. Jade Roper’s open and honest sharing of her experience provides comfort, understanding, and support to others who may be going through similar situations.


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