BBC Breakfast star celebrates joyous milestone with arrival of new baby, following exciting announcement of departure!


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BBC Breakfast presenter Emma Vardy embarks on first journey with her newborn son ahead of major move to the States

BBC Breakfast presenter Emma Vardy, known for her role as BBC’s Ireland Correspondent, has recently embarked on an exciting journey with her newborn son Jago. The journalist, who also filled in for Nina Warhurst during her maternity leave, gave her fans a glimpse into her trip with her three-week-old baby. This comes as she prepares for a significant move to the United States.

Major milestone after giving birth revealed by BBC’s Emma Vardy

Sharing her joy on Instagram, Emma Vardy posted a photo of her son Jago and captioned it, “Baby Jago starting his traveling career early! At just 3 weeks old, the three of us took our first flight together for a short visit to England to see friends and family. This is just the beginning of many adventures to come.” This heartwarming update from the presenter was met with excitement from her followers.

One of her fans commented, “You’re a machine. I’m not sure we would’ve even made it onto a bus after three weeks.” Another admirer wrote, “Looking fabulous just three weeks after giving birth! It’s amazing that you took a plane journey with your baby. Have a great time on your travels!” The overwhelming support and admiration for Emma’s courage and dedication with a newborn was evident through the comments.

A new chapter: Leaving Ireland for LA

The trip to the UK holds even more significance for Emma as it marks the beginning of a new chapter in her career. Last week, she made a big announcement that she will be leaving her role as the Ireland Correspondent for the BBC to become their Los Angeles Correspondent. She expressed her excitement about the upcoming adventure for herself and her family on social media, stating, “We’ve certainly had our hands (and hearts) full lately, but now there’s a big adventure ahead for my little family.”

Emma’s role as the BBC’s LA Correspondent will involve reporting on various subjects, from prestigious red carpet events to the upcoming presidential election. She humorously added that she might even catch a few waves along the way. Despite her excitement for this new opportunity, Emma expressed her love for Northern Ireland, where she spent five incredible years. She intends to cherish the final weeks before saying goodbye.

The future is bright for Emma Vardy

Emma Vardy’s decision to take on the role of the BBC’s LA Correspondent is a testament to her talent and dedication as a journalist. While bidding farewell to Northern Ireland, she reassured her followers that it would always hold a special place in her heart. As she embarks on this new adventure, Emma’s fans eagerly await her insightful reporting and engaging storytelling from the glamour of Hollywood.


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