Bears Nation Demands Swift Action: Fans Roar for Luke Getsy’s Dismissal in the Wake of Devastating Buccaneers Defeat!


Title: The Chicago Bears’ Offensive Woes: Is It Time to Fire Luke Getsy?


After another disappointing performance by the Chicago Bears’ offense in Week 2, fans have taken to social media to voice their frustrations with offensive coordinator Luke Getsy and his playcalling. With the phrase “Fire Luke Getsy” trending on X shortly after the Bears’ loss, it’s clear that many fans are calling for a change. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind the fans’ dissatisfaction, explore the criticisms from experts and players alike, and discuss whether it may indeed be time for the Bears to consider a new offensive coordinator.

1. Fans’ Frustrations with Luke Getsy and the Offense:

Less than an hour after the Bears’ loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the hashtag “Fire Luke Getsy” began trending on X, indicating a collective frustration among the fan base. Fans argued that the Bears’ offense has struggled under Getsy’s playcalling and that it’s time for a change. Some users on social media expressed their disappointment, stating that it’s crucial for the team to find a real offensive coordinator who can bring out the best in the players.

2. Criticisms of Getsy’s Playcalling:

Fans and critics have pointed out specific issues with Getsy’s playcalling that they believe are undermining the offense’s effectiveness. One area of concern is the misuse of quarterback Justin Fields’ physical gifts as a scrambler. Fans argue that Getsy’s playcalling fails to utilize Fields’ running abilities, including the lack of read-option plays and seemingly coaching the scrambling out of Fields. The repetitive use of screen passes has also drawn criticism, as former Bears player Matt Forte highlighted its ineffectiveness against the Buccaneers’ defense.

3. Expert Opinions Echo Fans’ Concerns:

Football experts and analysts have joined fans in criticizing Getsy’s playcalling. ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky, in his Week 2 analysis on X, expressed incredulity at the Bears’ repeated use of the same screen play that led to an interception returned for a touchdown. He emphasized that the predictability of such playcalling allows opposing defenses to easily capitalize on it. Adam Hoge of CHGO Bears also voiced frustration with the team’s reliance on screens, suggesting that this part of the playbook needs to be discarded.

4. Opposition Team’s Insights on Bears’ Playcalling:

The Buccaneers’ defense confirmed the predictability of the Bears’ playcalling, particularly on the play that resulted in a pick-six. Linebacker Lavonte David revealed that the Bears ran the same formation and play, allowing the defense to quickly identify and counter it. This acknowledgment from the opposing team further highlights the need for more dynamic and varied playcalling from Getsy.


The discontent among Chicago Bears fans with offensive coordinator Luke Getsy and his playcalling is evident. The repetitive use of screen passes, the failure to utilize Justin Fields’ running abilities, and the predictability of certain plays have all contributed to the frustration. Moreover, the criticisms from experts and opposing players emphasize the need for a change in the Bears’ offensive strategy. As the Bears evaluate their coaching staff and game plan moving forward, it remains to be seen whether a new offensive coordinator would provide the fresh perspective and innovation needed to revitalize the team’s offense.

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