Because of an argument with my wife, I ended up winning TWO lottery jackpots in the same day.


A HUSBAND, who was having marital problems, won two lottery jackpots on the same day.

The lucky man, a resident of Dapto, Australia, picked up two tickets for the same draw and walked away with more than £1 million.


After being scolded by his wife for forgetting to buy tickets for the previous game, he went out and bought a pair of identical tickets.

He gambled his freedom away by purchasing two lottery tickets for the upcoming drawing.

To his shock, their numbers came out.

He shared with the Lotto, “My wife has played these numbers for almost three decades and has always said they’d be drawn one day.

After discovering that we had won $1 million (£547,500) on one ticket, I figured I should also inform her that we had won the same amount on a second identical ticket.

His partner’s wife “almost passed out” from excitement after hearing the news that they had doubled their winnings.

She said: “It won’t take much to make us happy.

I’ll be able to provide for my daughter’s family and my grandchildren.

Once we’ve accomplished that, we can take pleasure in the remainder.

I wish I could take a trip across Australia and visit the regions I have yet to explore.

I can’t believe this has happened to us,'” her husband said.

It follows the story of a couple who were shocked to learn they had become multimillionaires while on the school run, but who nonetheless continued with their daily routines.

Australian couple from Melbourne takes home whopping £11 million prize.

A nurse who has won the lottery 57 times has now revealed the special words another customer said to her when she purchased the ticket.

Crystal Holbrook-Gazoni bought the winning lottery ticket, which gave her a £63,000 windfall.

Her ticket was bought at a Kroger in Henrico, Virginia.

Additionally, Crystal mentioned that a lady at the same grocery store counter put her hand on her shoulder and said, “Honey, I hope you win big.”

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The pediatric nurse was astounded when she got home with her winning ticket and found out she had won $75,000 (£63,000).


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