Because Prince Andrew is such a “scary” boss, his security allowed a “fake fiancée” to stray into Windsor.

A random woman claiming to be Prince Andrew’s fiancée was allegedly allowed to wander around the Royal Lodge at Windsor by his security staff because the prince is allegedly so terrifying to work with.

The incident allegedly occurred in April of this year, and the woman claimed to be having dinner with him at the time.

She was permitted entry despite not being asked for identification and stating that her name was “Irene Windsor.”

‘Arrested’ was the protester who threw a bucket of feces over the Sir Captain Tom Moore memorial.

And to make matters worse for the security personnel, they even covered her taxi fare, according to the Daily Express.

A woman claiming to be the fiancée of Prince Andrew managed to get herself into his home without security questioning her

The Spanish woman was located by another staff member, who then called the police after she had spent 40 minutes wandering around the property.

It was thought that Andrew was present at the time.

She allegedly had maps of the Royal Lodge and a “self defense ring” in her purse, according to Philip Grindell, the founder of the security company Defuse.

It was thought that he was home at the time of the strange incident

The security was afraid to ask Prince Andrew if anyone was showing up because, in his words, “Prince Andrew is a pain in the a**e and, if you have ever worked with him, is an unpleasant character.

No one questioned him because they didn’t want to upset him, so they assumed he had an appointment and allowed her in.

The former Met Police expert recently spoke at Kensington Olympia’s International Security Expo.

The woman wandered around Windsor Lodge for about 40 minutes

When he heard about it, he continued, “It became blatantly obvious that the security involved were in the same situation with Prince Andrew as I was 20 years ago, in that they were too afraid to question unknown female visitors because it would always result in him abusing us for stopping them.

“This is a prime example of what we dreaded would occur at some point.”

The Daily Star has requested a response from Buckingham Palace.


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