Before and After Photos of Christopher Schwarzenegger’s Slimmed-Down Look After Weight Loss


Christopher Schwarzenegger, the youngest child of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, was photographed in rare photos on July 7, revealing his trim physique following a major weight loss.

$00 The 23-year-old sported a slimmer-than-average figure in a white t-shirt and green shorts. Christopher’s weight loss made headlines when he was photographed out in July 2020, but these new photos show that he’s lost even more weight and toned up in the year since. Compared to the more bare-faced images we’re used to seeing of Christopher, he also had a neater hairstyle and scruff on his face in the new photos.

Christopher Schwarzenegger’s weight loss is visible in these Before and After pictures. (BACKGRID/SplashNews) Christopher was born into celebrity because his parents were Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver . While his older siblings, Katherine Schwarzenegger and Patrick Schwarzenegger , have embraced life in the spotlight with their own public careers, Christopher and his sister, Christina Schwarzenegger , are much more private (the kids also have a half brother, Joseph Baena , from Arnold’s affair with the family housekeeper). Christopher’s Instagram account is private, and his bio explicitly states that fans who don’t know him personally should not try to follow him. Christopher Schwarzenegger will be out in July 2020, one year before he loses even more weight. (BACKGRID)

In 2020, a source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, “He made it his goal to get healthy for graduation and he stuck to it.” “He began working out and eating healthier foods. He was away at school for a few years, living like a typical college student, but he’s finally grown up and ready to take better care of himself. ”

Our source went on to sаy thаt Christopher didn’t stаrt losing weight with а “fаd diet or crаsh diet.” Insteаd, he simply stopped eаting junk food аnd begаn exercising. Cleаrly, he’s been аble to mаintаin his heаlthy lifestyle into 2021, аs he looks even fitter now! 008



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