Before having a “designer vagina” operation, Elle Brooke discusses her surgical conundrum.


Elle Brooke has opened up about her experience with plastic surgery and stated that if she weren’t a porn star, she would never have chosen to get a “designer vagina.”

After defeating former Love Island contestant AJ Bunker in a boxing match earlier this summer, the 24-year-old OnlyFans model and adult performer recently made the transition into mainstream media.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Elle’s profession has exposed her to barrages of abuse from online trolls, where she frequently finds her appearance under close scrutiny despite her success as a model.

Speaking on the Anything Goes with James English podcast, Elle also acknowledged that the criticism she had received had prompted her to think about having invasive surgery to change her body.

Elle Brooke

As she put it, “This industry is difficult because you constantly compare yourself to other people… and this is the job where you are paid based on your appearance.”

If one month wasn’t as successful as the previous month, you might wonder, “Did I fall off? Is my condition worsening? Am I not attractive?

It’s difficult, and I’ve considered undergoing numerous plastic surgeries and having my face and body altered in every way.

Elle acknowledged that despite these urges, it’s crucial for people to set limits so they don’t end up developing an addiction to changing their appearance.

Elle Brooke

“When I started having surgery – it was all within a year – I got a BBL, my boobs done, my vagina done, and I could have continued,” she remarked.

“I felt like I needed to acquire all of those things in order to be perfect in the sex work job that I perform, but even now, I’m not, and I still get called ‘ugly,’ so what was the point?

No one will ever be happy with the way you look, so you should probably be content with who you are rather than trying to change yourself constantly.

Elle was actually so self-conscious of her appearance that she chose to have “designer vagina” surgery, in which doctors altered the appearance of her private parts.

Elle Brooke

And speaking openly on the podcast, Elle acknowledged that comments made by random online users had been a major influence on her radical choice.

She acknowledged that she was extremely self-conscious about her vagina. “I was really conscious about my vagina… it mortified me, comments and stuff like that, they’re the ones that really stuck with me because it was always something that I was really self-conscious about,” she said.

Because there is no such thing as a perfect porn star vagina, I was like, “I can’t have this.

“I’m pleased with how it looks right now and glad I got it, but I never would have gotten it if I wasn’t in the porn industry.”


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