Being a size 10, I decided to try out the no-pants trend popularized by Kylie and Kendall; I was horrified, but some people said I pulled it off better than the Jenner sisters.


When Kylie and Kendall Jenner embraced the pantless trend, heads turned and eyebrows were raised.

Even though she didn’t like her DIY version of the outfit, her followers went crazy over it because she shared it on TikTok.


Fashion blogger Emily Kam recreated Kendall and sister Kylie's controversial trend


Fashion expert and body positivity activist Emily Kam (@emilydoesfashion) recreates celebrity looks as wearable styles on TikTok.

Her most recent video features her challenging the notorious “pants-less” fashion trend.

While the Jenner sisters made a splash in the outfit, Kam, a size 10, was curious to see how it would fit her.

First, put on your tights,” Kam instructed her followers. I don’t see any pants over here.

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Kam put on some black, semi-transparent tights and then took out a pair of matching briefs.

She captioned, “Then underwear over them,” seemingly confused by the choice.

Kam put on a button-down shirt and then reached for a pullover.

Sweater on top because we don’t want to be cold, she jokingly captioned the photo.

The outfit was completed by a pair of black, knee-high boots. When everything was finally put together, Kam still wasn’t convinced.

“It’s a no from me,” Kam said, shaking her head and visibly cringing.

They got some praise, but they also got some criticism.

Not bad, but I personally wouldn’t do it, one commenter admitted.

“The models looked goofy, too,” another user chimed in to reassure anyone worried.

Kam, who is a size 10, tried the look with a sweater and a pair of tall boots


She disliked the outfit, but viewers said Kam looked better than the celebrities


Approximately one-third of respondents expressed moral objections to the skin-baring attire.

That they “ain’t showing anything for free” was written. To paraphrase: “In this economy?”

“It looks and feels like a nightmare,” said one critic.

However, there were some people who actually liked the style. Several Kam admirers claimed the song was written specifically for her.

One female commentator was surprised to find that she liked it. More so than on the models, in fact.

Another person remarked that she appreciated the look on Kam but was hesitant to try it herself.

“I’m glad you tried this so I don’t have to,” the relieved audience member exclaimed. For me, that’s an absolute no-go.

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A resounding “Yes!” Like a sexier Winnie the Pooh, one fan described it.

The people who loved Kam were very enthusiastic about it. I think you look fierce,” the admirer wrote.


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