Bijou Phillips Expresses Profound Gratitude for Danny Masterson in an Emotionally Charged Letter Prior to Their Split, Sentencing Awaited


Bijou Phillips’s Letter of Support for Danny Masterson Raises Questions Amid Divorce Filing


Bijou Phillips, the estranged wife of Danny Masterson, recently filed for divorce, causing further speculation surrounding her letter of support for Masterson during his rape trial. Masterson, who was convicted of two counts of rape in May for crimes committed two decades ago, received a 30-year to life prison sentence. Throughout the trial, Phillips stood by Masterson’s side and even wrote a character reference to the judge on his behalf. However, with their impending divorce, many are questioning the sincerity of Phillips’s support.

The Unwavering Support

Phillips openly expressed her dependence on Masterson and highlighted his role as a devoted father to their daughter, Fianna. She described him as a life-saving partner and praised his dedication to their family. Despite the sexual abuse allegations and his subsequent firing from The Ranch in 2017, Masterson continued to provide for his family and sought new avenues of income. Phillips commended his commitment to sobriety and his efforts in helping others in their quest for recovery.

Parenting Experiences

Phillips reflected on their life together, particularly after moving to a farm in Santa Ynez, California. She acknowledged Masterson’s hard work to make the farm profitable for their family while being a present father to their daughter. The couple’s bond grew stronger as they supported their daughter’s education and extracurricular activities. Phillips pointed out Masterson’s involvement in their daughter’s life, even during his incarceration, highlighting his daily phone calls and assistance with homework.

A Father’s Influence

Phillips emphasized the positive impact Masterson had on their daughter’s academic development and piano skills. She asserted that their daughter was excelling in her studies, reading well above her grade level, all thanks to her father’s guidance and support. Despite Masterson’s absence, Phillips still recognized him as an amazing father, leaving both her and their daughter heartbroken.

Divorce Filing and Future Challenges

Despite her unwavering support in the past, Phillips decided to file for divorce following Masterson’s sentencing. While Masterson plans to appeal the verdict, legal experts have expressed skepticism about the chances of a successful appeal. The divorce filing further adds to the uncertainty surrounding their relationship and raises questions about the authenticity of Phillips’s previous support.


In the midst of Danny Masterson’s rape trial, Bijou Phillips stood by his side, praising him as a husband and father. However, the recent divorce filing has cast a shadow of doubt over her previous support. As Masterson plans his appeal, the future of their relationship remains uncertain. One thing is clear though – their journey continues to capture public attention and raise important discussions about supporting individuals during difficult times and navigating the consequences of their actions.


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