Bills’ Head Coach Reveals Juicy Details on Stefon Diggs & Jaw-Dropping Hot Mic Drama: Unleashing a Shocking Silence Break!


Just when discussion over Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs‘ rumored discontent with the team seemed to die down, drama regarding quarterback Josh Allen‘s No. 1 target sparked back up at the worst possible time. With the Bills coming off an embarrassing 22-16 loss to the New York Jets, the team had a lot of work to do and a short week to do it before their home opener against the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday, September 17. Amid their preparation, a hot mic video featuring Bills reporter Maddy Glab commenting in jest about Diggs’ behavior went viral.

Diggs reacted to the video on Twitter, calling Glab’s comments “hurtful” and “insulting to my character.” His brother, Dallas Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs, reposted the clip and wrote, “Tuh! They turn on you so quick. Gotta get bro somewhere safe,” which sparked wild speculation about the receiver’s relationship with the team. However, Diggs didn’t let the outside drama affect his game, and Bills head coach Sean McDermott praised him for his handling of the situation.

Despite the drama surrounding Diggs, he proved once again to be Allen’s most reliable receiver against the Raiders, catching all seven of his targets for 66 yards. In doing so, he broke Thurman Thomas’ record for the sixth-most receiving yards in franchise history.

While Diggs remained focused and performed well on the field, the fallout from Glab’s comments continued. During the Bills’ Week 2 coverage, Glab was conspicuously absent from her usual role as a reporter, with Steve Tasker taking over as co-host for the live postgame show. It was later revealed that Glab was being internally sanctioned for her comments.

Glab took ownership of her mistake and issued a formal apology, stating that she meant no ill will and had great respect for Diggs. She explained that her comments were made in jest and that Diggs and the video department had a playful relationship, which was why she didn’t think he would agree to an interview.

Despite the distractions, McDermott was proud of how the entire team bounced back in Week 2. He commended their discipline, particularly that of quarterback Josh Allen, and praised their resiliency. McDermott sees this current Bills team as a new entity that is still learning how to come together and win games every week.

In conclusion, the drama surrounding Diggs and Glab momentarily distracted the Buffalo Bills from their preparations for their Week 2 game against the Las Vegas Raiders. However, Diggs remained focused on the field, breaking franchise records and showcasing his reliability as Allen’s top target. Glab faced consequences for her comments but issued a sincere apology, taking ownership of her mistake. Despite the distractions, McDermott commended the entire team for their resiliency and leadership. As the Bills move forward, they aim to continue growing and learning how to win games every week.


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