Birdwatchers are concerned that the nearby “swingers club” is disturbing the nature reserve.


TWITCHERS worry that the sounds coming from a club where swingers are said to party are scaring away rare birds at a nature reserve.

Their argument is that the noise from the drunken revelers is disturbing the birds’ nests.


Frampton Marsh Nature Reserve in Lincs is home to breeds such as turukhtans


Fans travel from all over the county to see the rare birds there, said one admirer. As a rule, things are quiet.

The music is playing, and there are excited yells coming from the club.

Several species of birds, such as avocets, skylarks, and turukhtans, make their home in the Frampton Marsh Nature Reserve in Lincolnshire.

“one of Europe’s most special places for wildlife,” as described by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.

While the Pool Shed club is only about 200 yards away. For over a decade, they’ve been hosting “adult-themed” events, and now they’re trying to get their hands on an alcohol license.

They are concerned that the parties, aimed at couples in their forties and fifties, could draw as many as two hundred people and last until 3 in the morning.

Nonetheless, the club’s owner, Neil Wright, insisted, “We do have adult parties here but we don’t provide sex.

“We just provide a safe place for people to meet.

There won’t be any need for a sex license on my part because it’s just a place for people to meet. The app’s sole purpose is to facilitate the purchase and sale of alcoholic beverages.

“They say it’s like a swinging club, but it’s not; it’s a nice place for people to meet where there’s a pool, jacuzzi, bar, and dance area,” the proprietor says.


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