Blinged-Out Wedding Bells: 'Rich Kids of Beverly Hills' Star Brendan Fitzpatrick Ties the Knot


‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’ Star Brendan Fitzpatrick Is a Married Man – Who Are His Mysterious Parents?

On September 16, 2023, Brendan Fitzpatrick, former star of ‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’, tied the knot with his wife, Chloe, for the second time. While their initial wedding took place in 2022, the recent celebration marked their main event. Following the news of Brendan’s nuptials, many are curious about his family background and what he has been involved in since the conclusion of the reality TV series.

Who Are Brendan Fitzpatrick’s Parents?

Despite the public’s interest, there isn’t much information available about Brendan Fitzpatrick’s parents. Thomas is the name of his father, but details about his mother are unknown. Furthermore, their professions remain unclear. Alongside his reality TV career, Brendan has also built a successful path in the real estate industry, primarily supporting his luxurious lifestyle through his work even during his time on the show.

While many of the wealthy children featured on ‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’ hail from affluent families, Brendan’s choice for income generation appears to be more intentional. Now that he is no longer in the spotlight, Brendan can be more selective about the personal details he shares with the public, allowing him to maintain his privacy.

Exclusive Details: Brendan Fitzpatrick’s Recent Wedding

Although Brendan prefers to keep his family life private, he did share exclusive details about his recent wedding with people. The romantic ceremony took place at the Montage Healdsburg, a luxurious five-star hotel nestled in California’s Sonoma Valley wine country.

“We had a day of tours lined up to view different venues and after 15 minutes at Montage, which was our first stop of the day, we cancelled the rest of the tours,” Chloe expressed during an interview. “We knew right away it was our perfect wedding venue!”

The scenic beauty and grandeur of Montage’s property immediately captivated Brendan and Chloe. “There’s a luxury feel to the setting that you immediately notice as you drive onto Montage’s property,” Chloe added. The couple’s shared values and appreciation for travel and fine cuisine further solidified their bond. “I have always been drawn to Brendan as we have the same values and appreciate the same things. We like to travel, eat great food from all around the world, if we are together – we know we are having a great time!” Chloe remarked.

Looking ahead, Brendan expressed his excitement about their future together. “This is only the beginning for the rest of our lives, together with my best friend,” he said. The couple loves to explore new horizons, partaking in various adventures and embracing unique experiences. “I love the time we spend with just the two of us; we always travel together and like to try new things,” Brendan shared.

In conclusion, Brendan Fitzpatrick, known for his stint on ‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’, recently celebrated his second wedding ceremony with his wife Chloe. While details about his parents remain scarce, Brendan’s success as a real estate agent and his deliberate approach to earning a lavish lifestyle distinguish him as an individual who has carved his own path. As Brendan and Chloe embark on their life together, their shared values and love for exploration promise an exciting future.


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