Both of the teenagers who ran away from home and were later found dead in a water basin had a gruesome cause of death.


Two teenage runaways were discovered dead in a water basin, and the cause of their deaths is terribly disturbing.

Sitlalli Avelar, 17, and Kamryn Meyers, 15, were found dead by a dog walker in Mesa, Arizona, two weeks after they went missing.


Sitlalli Avelar, 17, was found dead in a water retention basin with her pal in Arizona


The girls had been missing since January 7 when they were last seen leaving their urban group home, when the man made his grisly discovery.

The bodies appeared to have been in the water for some time, leaving police baffled.

A dog walker who called police said he mistook one of the bodies for a dummy at first.

When first responders arrived, they discovered the second teen lying just 10 feet away from her friend.

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The medical examiner’s office has now confirmed that both Sitalli and Kamryn died of “accidental” causes.

Acute intoxication from alcohol was found to be a contributing factor in the teens’ deaths by drowning.

According to reports, Kamryn’s body also contained cannabinoids, suggesting she used the drug not long before she passed away.

Investigators found no evidence of foul play but encouraged anyone with additional information to contact them.

Detectives are still puzzling over the couple’s disappearance and the few available details of the case.

According to KPHO, their facility is just one of several run by Powerhouse Youth Facility Inc.

Brad Miller, the facility’s attorney, had previously testified that both juveniles had attempted to elope.

Workers at the center are not allowed to coerce children into staying there, he added, due to state law.

He said the staff had tried to prevent Sitlalli and Kamryn from leaving the facility on January 6 and had called the police when they hadn’t been seen the following day.

He received a text message from a mutual friend informing him of Kamryn’s death, as one of her closest friends related.

In 2021, Keith Plummer met her at a program designed to help at-risk young women, and he remarked that she was “a really good person.”

The two kept in touch and eventually became friends, communicating primarily through social media.

Keith outlined how they all kept tabs on each other through a shared group chat.

He said to KPNX-TV, “Guys, Kamryn’s dead. I got a text message on the group chat saying that.”

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The fact that her death came as a complete shock to us all only makes it more painful. She had just turned 15 at the time.

She was a joy to be around; she made me laugh and made me happy. Nothing bad would have happened to her if she had earned it. It’s totally absurd.

Police said the girls' bodies appeared to have been in the water for some time


The teens drowned close to the group home and were found by a dog walker



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