Bradley Cooper Delightfully Shows His Playful Side in Rare Interview with Emma Stone: A Must-Watch!


Bradley Cooper Reveals Eye-Closing Habit During Interview with Emma Stone

During a recent “Actors on Actors” interview with Emma Stone for Variety, actor Bradley Cooper disclosed a unique habit of closing his eyes while asking a question. This unexpected behavior became a source of amusement as Emma Stone couldn’t help but laugh at her former co-star from the movie “Aloha.” As Bradley explained that closing his eyes helps him concentrate on his thoughts and improve his thinking, Emma jokingly urged him to “work through” this habit. The duo’s lighthearted banter during the interview provided insight into their off-screen chemistry and left fans entertained and eagerly anticipating their upcoming films.

The Interview Revelation

In the midst of the interview, as Bradley Cooper delved into asking Emma Stone about her “immense talent,” he momentarily closed his eyes. This distinctive action caught Emma’s attention, prompting her to question why his eyes were shut. Bradley humorously admitted that he thinks better with closed eyes and has become more comfortable with himself, acknowledging that his unusual habit might appear eccentric to others.

Amusement and Banter

Amidst the interview, Emma Stone playfully teased Cooper about his eye-closing habit, suggesting that he needed to “work through” this interesting quirk. The duo engaged in light-hearted banter, with Bradley defending his habit and Emma joining in on the fun by mimicking his behavior. Their endearing exchange revealed the genuine camaraderie and comfort the two actors share, drawing in viewers with their amusing rapport.

Jovial Exchange

Despite the seriousness of the interview, Bradley and Emma’s jovial interaction added a refreshing element. As they shared a laugh over Bradley’s eye-closing habit, they lightened the mood, showcasing their ability to connect and find humor in unexpected moments. The candid exchange offered a glimpse into their genuine personalities beyond their on-screen roles, endearing them to fans and viewers.

The Creative Process

As the interview continued, Bradley and Emma discussed their respective projects, “Maestro” and “Poor Things.” They spoke about the intricate process of developing their films and the dedication they poured into their roles. Through their insightful discussions, they shed light on the creative and collaborative aspects of their work, providing a deeper understanding of the filmmaking process.


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