Bravo’s Erin Lichy Vows No More Pranks on Ubah Hassan, After Chaotic Phone Clash on RHONY!


During a cast trip to Anguilla, Erin Lichy learned a valuable lesson after attempting to prank her Real Housewives of New York City costar, Ubah Hassan. In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, Erin admitted that she shouldn’t have played the prank, acknowledging that she underestimated its impact. Reflecting on the incident, Erin now understands the consequences and has vowed to avoid such behavior in the future.

A Misguided Prank

The fallout of Erin’s ill-fated prank was captured on the September 17 episode of RHONY. It all began when Erin decided to steal Ubah’s phone as a playful retaliation for getting pushed into the pool earlier during their vacation. However, the prank didn’t go as planned. Ubah, who had been using her phone to keep in touch with her family, was not amused. In fact, she believed that the previous retaliation of being pushed by Sai De Silva was more than enough revenge for Erin’s accidental dip.

The episode ended with a cliffhanger, leaving viewers eagerly awaiting the tense shouting match between Ubah and Erin. Looking back, Erin regrets her decision to take Ubah’s phone and realizes that she underestimated the ramifications of her actions.

Understanding the Consequences

Erin candidly expresses her regrets over the prank, acknowledging that she failed to consider the potential impact it could have had on Ubah. In an interview with Us Weekly, Erin highlighted what could have gone wrong. She wondered, “What if I had gotten upset about being thrown in the pool? What if that had really scared me? What if I had a past trauma related to being thrown off a boat?” Erin recognized that taking risks with new friends can have unexpected consequences and acknowledged that she had learned a valuable lesson from this experience.

Erin Lichy Will Never Prank Ubah Hassan Again After Phone Fight
Erin Lichy and Ubah Hassan
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation

Furthermore, Erin assures that she and Ubah have moved past the drama and have even grown closer because of it. While she always knew that Ubah had a spicy side, the conflict allowed Erin to appreciate another layer of Ubah’s personality that she hadn’t fully understood before. Erin explains how Ubah’s intense emotions stemmed from her deep love, which, despite sounding unconventional, ultimately made Erin admire Ubah even more.

Moving Forward

As the drama unfolds on The Real Housewives of New York City, viewers can expect tensions to rise and conflicts to be resolved. Erin’s experience has taught her an important lesson about boundaries and the potential consequences of her actions. While Erin and Ubah have put this particular incident behind them, it is unlikely that the two will engage in any more pranks in the future. The fallout from the phone prank has shaped their dynamic and will undoubtedly impact their interactions going forward.

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