Breaking News: Vanna White’s Fate on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Unveiled! Discover if the Iconic Host is Exiting the Show


Vanna White Extends Her Contract on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Amid Host Change

Since 1982, Vanna White has been a beloved co-host on the iconic game show Wheel of Fortune. With the recent announcement of host Pat Sajak’s departure in 2024 and the introduction of Ryan Seacrest as the new host, fans have been eagerly awaiting news about Vanna’s future on the show. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of Vanna White’s decision to extend her contract, what her future looks like on Wheel of Fortune, and the reasons behind Pat Sajak’s departure.

Is Vanna White Leaving Wheel of Fortune With Pat Sajak?

Vanna White fans can breathe a sigh of relief, as she is not leaving Wheel of Fortune alongside her longtime co-host Pat Sajak. According to Variety, Vanna has extended her contract by two years, ensuring her presence on the show through the 2025-26 TV season.

In a December 2022 interview with PEOPLE, Vanna expressed her reluctance to imagine a future without Pat. She stated, “I mean, we’re a team. That’s depressing. I don’t even want to think about it.” She also admitted that she has “no idea” if the show will continue without them, emphasizing the strong association audiences have between Wheel of Fortune and the iconic duo.

Vanna White’s Future on Wheel of Fortune

While Pat Sajak bids farewell to Wheel of Fortune, Vanna White is staying on. Vanna and Pat renewed their contracts with Sony Pictures Television, the production company behind the show, in September 2021. Vanna’s current contract initially expired after the 2023-2024 season, but her decision to extend for two more years solidifies her dedication to the show.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Vanna expressed her gratitude for being part of the show for over 40 years. She stated, “It’s incredible. I cannot believe it’s been 40 years. Honestly, I’ve loved every minute of it. Who still says they love their job after 40 years? Me! I really do. It’s a fun show. Everybody watches and enjoys it, and it changes people’s lives and makes people happy. So it’s a great job.”

Will Vanna White Replace Pat Sajak as Host?

Prior to Ryan Seacrest’s appointment as the new host of Wheel of Fortune, speculation had arisen about whether Vanna would step into the hosting role. Vanna had previously filled in for Pat during his three-week absence in 2019 due to emergency surgery. However, the show ultimately decided to go in a different direction with Ryan Seacrest.

Pat’s daughter, Maggie Sajak, who has been with the show as the social correspondent since 2021, was also considered as a potential successor to her father. Ultimately, Ryan Seacrest emerged as the chosen host, as confirmed by Lucas Shaw’s tweet before the official announcement.

Reasons Behind Pat Sajak’s Departure

After an impressive tenure of over 40 years, Pat Sajak announced his departure from Wheel of Fortune in June 2023. In a heartfelt statement, Pat expressed his appreciation for the show and its viewers, indicating that the upcoming 41st season would be his last.

Vanna White took to Twitter to show support for her longtime co-host, expressing her joy in sharing the stage with him for all these years. Her message echoed the sentiments of viewers, acknowledging the incredible 41-season journey they have embarked on together.

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