Bryan Baeumler, star of “Renovation Island,” was dubbed “tone deaf” for flying his plane to get breakfast.


WELLINGTON, FLORIDA: It appears that Bryan Baeumler will soon follow Kylie Jenner and Taylor Swift in receiving criticism from the public for careless flying. In the most recent episode of “Renovation Island,” the contractor not only showed off his brand-new pilot’s license, but also offered to fly down his staff for breakfast.

Bryan enlisted the aid of a few of his friends who work in construction when the Baeumlers had less than four weeks to complete their home renovation. Bryan tried to sweeten the deal by offering to fly them out on his private plane in addition to paying them their wages. While the two workers were ecstatic about taking a private jet to get breakfast and were utterly impressed, HGTV viewers didn’t feel the same way.

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Bryan Baeumler flying his private plane (Renovation Island/ HGTV)

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