By the end of the next decade, Britain will have more than twice as many hunter-killer submarines as it does right now.


The number of UK hunter-killer submarines will more than double by the end of the next decade.

It’s a part of our defense pact with the United States and Australia against China.


The PM said the deal 'puts beyond doubt the United Kingdom is, and will remain, one of the world’s leading defence powers'


The United Kingdom will develop and manufacture the next generation of nuclear-powered submarines using technology licensed from the United States.

The Australian Navy will have access to the plans in order to construct its own initial fleet of elite SSN-AUKUS vessels.

It was announced last night that the deal “puts beyond doubt the United Kingdom is, and will remain, one of the world’s leading defense powers,” as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak put it.

By the late 2030s, when the fleet is expected to be fully operational, thousands of new construction jobs will have been created in the United Kingdom.

After a similar agreement with the United Kingdom in 1958, this is only the second time the United States has shared nuclear submarine technology with allies.

To replace the seven Astute-class boats in the British Navy, subs will be built primarily by BAE Systems in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, and Rolls-Royce.

According to The Sun’s sources, up to twenty brand-new vessels may be ordered. A final decision on the precise number has not yet been made.

Mr. Sunak, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, and Vice President of the United States Joe Biden announced the plan last night in San Diego.

The PM said: “Sixty years ago, here in San Diego, President Kennedy spoke of, ‘A higher purpose — the maintenance of freedom, peace and security’. All of us here today share that common goal.


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