Can you get high in Florida?


POSSEsion, use, and cultivation of cannabis are all treated differently depending on where you live.

Here, we examine Florida’s regulations on the substance in question.


Is weed legal in Florida?

Recreational marijuana use is prohibited by state law in Florida.

Cannabis used for its psychoactive effects, rather than medical ones, is considered recreational.

In Florida, even first-time offenders can face years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines for possessing or selling this Class-B drug.

In addition, Florida’s Trafficking laws make it a felony to be in possession of such a large quantity of cannabis, making you subject to mandatory state prison sentences and hefty fines.

Is medicinal weed legal in Florida?

With a valid MMJ card in hand, you can legally grow and possess cannabis in Florida.

Possession or use of cannabis obtained lawfully through a medical marijuana card holder but then transferred to another person is illegal.

Under Florida law, one must meet certain requirements in order to be issued a medical marijuana card.

A diagnosis of cancer, epilepsy, PTSD, or multiple sclerosis would all fall into this category.

A medical professional’s opinion is required in order for a patient to qualify for a medical marijuana card.

In states where medical marijuana is legal, patients and caregivers must obtain their medicine from a dispensary that has been approved by the state.

Low-THC cannabis and medical marijuana can only be grown, processed, and sold in Florida by approved medical marijuana treatment centers.

Is it legal to grow weed in Florida?

Cultivating cannabis is considered a third-degree felony in the state of Florida.

This carries a maximum fine of $5000 and a maximum prison term of five years.

However, this may be considered a felony of the second degree in certain circumstances.

This means that 15 years in prison is the maximum possible sentence.

If minors are present at the location where the plants are being grown, it could be considered a first-degree felony, the most severe classification of felony.


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