Can you spot the cat hiding in plain sight in this wood pile?


THERE is more going on here than meets the eye with this seemingly mundane photo of a stack of logs.

Find the cunning cat in this challenging brain teaser, and you just might have hawk eyes.


Many viewers have been left scratching their heads as they try to spot the sleeping cat that has been expertly hidden among the planks of wood.

The photo was shared on Reddit with the caption, “Involuntary and perfect camouflage of the cat due to its color.”

Before seeing the real cat, one Reddit user was sure they had located the mysterious feline lurking in the corner of the stacks.

“Just below and left of the real cat.”

Another participant explained, “I finally knew where to look. Raise it up, and make sure it’s parallel to the wood.

A second user chimed in, saying, “For some reason I couldn’t find the cat in the Reddit post, but as soon as your link loaded, my eyes immediately fell on the cat, even before looking at the image where it is circled.”

Concurrently, you may be able to identify all the subtle differences between these two pictures.

If you can identify all three in that time frame, your intelligence may be truly remarkable.

Find the three dissimilar bumblebee pictures in less than 10 seconds, as in a similar challenge.

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Keeping with the animal motif, can you spot the human among a group of bears in the jungle? It’s not as simple as it sounds.

Spotted! Did you find the sleepy feline?



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