Captivating Moments: Monty Don Shares Heartwarming Pictures of New Family Member, Sparking Enchanting Response from Kate Middleton’s Brother


Gardener’s World Star Monty Don Shares Heartwarming Update about Family Dog

Gardeners’ World star Monty Don recently took to Instagram to share an adorable throwback photo of himself and his beloved family pet, a golden retriever named Ned.

A Precious Moment Captured

The heartwarming snapshot shows a beaming Monty cuddling with Ned, and it’s clear to see the deep bond they share. Captioning the image, Monty simply wrote, “A year ago today.”

The Royal Seal of Approval

Monty’s throwback post quickly caught the attention of his fanbase, including none other than James Middleton, Princess Kate’s brother. Showing his admiration for the photo, James commented, “Wonderful,” accompanied by a bright red heart emoji.

Endearing comments from fans

Monty’s followers also shared their love for Ned and expressed their joy in witnessing his growth. One follower mentioned, “Sweet adorable Ned, this past year he has grown up so quickly, thank you Monty for sharing his story with us.” Another commented, “He’s beautiful, I’ve enjoyed watching him grow on @gardenersworldtv.”

A Trio of Four-legged Companions

Ned is not the only furry friend in Monty’s life. He and his family also share their home and garden with two other dogs—a golden retriever named Nell and a Yorkshire terrier named Patti. These dogs bring immense joy to Monty and his family, with each one holding a special place in their hearts.

A Tribute to A Beloved Friend

Sadly, this loving canine clan was incomplete a few years ago when Monty’s dog Nigel passed away suddenly. Nigel’s unexpected illness left a void in Monty’s life, and he paid tribute to his “old friend” on social media. Monty expressed how Nigel had always been happy, healthy, and a constant source of calm and love.

A Deep Connection with Dogs

Monty Don’s love for dogs runs deep. He has written about the special bond he shares with his furry companions on his website, emphasizing that dogs are an integral part of his gardens. He believes that dogs naturally belong in the garden and often accompanies them as he tends to his plants. Despite their playful nature, Monty states that his dogs have never caused any significant damage to the garden.

A Shared Love for Dogs

James Middleton, like Monty, has a strong affection for dogs. He frequently shares adorable photos of his own furry companions on social media, bringing joy to his fans. However, this year marked a heartbreaking moment for James as he had to bid farewell to his therapy dog, Ella, who had been by his side for 15 years. Ella played a vital role in supporting James through his battles with depression, making her loss even more devastating.

A Heartfelt Tribute

James shared a touching tribute in memory of Ella on social media, expressing his immense sadness and describing her as a companion who had been with him through both his darkest days and happiest times. The entrepreneur also shared a poignant photo he had taken of Ella shortly before her passing, capturing the cherished memories they had together.

Cherishing the Memories

Both Monty Don and James Middleton understand the profound impact that dogs have on their lives. Their shared experiences reflect the unwavering bond between humans and their four-legged friends. As they continue to navigate life with their furry companions, they honor their memories and celebrate the joy that dogs bring to their gardens and homes.


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