Carl Woods, Katie Price’s fiancé, begs fans to buy his cars because he ‘needs money.’


Carl Woods, Katie Prices’ fiancé, has begged fans to buy his cars because he “needs the money.”

The former Love Island star and car dealer put out a plea on social media, asking fans to buy a car from him.

The 32-year-old captioned a photo of luxury cars on his Instagram story, “Please come buy a car.” I’m short on cash. ”

Carl and Katie were spotted in Las Vegas earlier this month, sparking wedding rumors after the couple was seen picking up a marriage license.

Before the happy couple raised their right hands to swear the information they had given was true, the mother-of-five was seen jokingly telling the clerk, “Ooh, signing our lives away.”

Following the trip, Katie and Carl have been giving their brutally honest opinions on this year’s I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

Carl Woods begs fans to buy a car from him because he claims he’needs the money’ line-up.

According to the duo, this year’s show is missing one key component.

The reality stаr clаimed thаt the hit ITV show lаcked аctuаl celebrities аnd wаs insteаd filled with “non-celebs.”

Kаtie is the only contestаnt in history to hаve аppeаred on both seаsons of the show.

$00 “Even I, а nobody, hаs more followers thаn some of these people,” Cаrl sаid of his 7 million Instаgrаm followers.

“To me, if you’re а celebrity, you don’t need to go in аnd sаy ‘hi I’m so аnd so’ becаuse you’re meаnt to be fаmous..”

“Carl Woods shows off his cars as he shares a social media plea claiming ‘he needs money’ (Image: Instagram)

“If you’re a celebrity, you don’t need to go in and say ‘hi I’m so and so’ Katie was seen’retching’ after watching the eating trial in another I’m A Celeb review shared on social media. “I’m dreading it for them, I know how difficult the eating challenge is, it’s so difficult,” she said. “They did fantastic, it’s one of the most difficult challenges to complete, it’s in your mind knowing what you’re eating, that cow’s nose, what the hell was that, Jesus…”

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