Cast of “Real Girlfriends in Paris” Discovers Love on Dating Apps: A Accurate Portrait of Gen Z Dating

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Cast members of Bravo’s Real Girlfriends in Paris have no trouble finding love on dating apps.

When she FaceTimes her new love interest Emmelle, a woman she met on a dating app, Victoria Zito exhibits some trepidation in the most recent episode. Zito acknowledges that despite messaging Emmelle, they hadn’t spoken face to face.

Adja Toure laughed about how online dating services helped her set up her dates before traveling to Paris in an interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet. I actually turned to a dating app because I didn’t know the neighborhoods well and didn’t know where to look, she admitted. Fun fact: I downloaded the passport version of a dating app and started swiping around while getting ready about a month before I actually moved to Paris. Consequently, I was making plans for my dates a month in advance because I am a type-A person.

Even though not all dates are found online, the Real Girlfriends in Paris cast of twenty-somethings actually reflects how Gen Z is dating and doing well at connecting online.

The cast of “Real Girlfriends in Paris” is a good example of how members of Generation Z date.

A study conducted by the online dating service Tinder revealed that Generation Z used the service specifically to meet new or different people. With this demo, the app acknowledged that the pandemic accelerated the growth of online dating services.

Real Girlfriends in Paris cast Anya Firestone, Emily Gorelik, Margaux Lignel, Victoria Zito, Adja Toure stand on red carpet steps

According to a press release from Tinder, “Gen Z spent more time talking on Tinder, as 19% more messages were sent per day in February 2021, compared to February 2020.” “And during the pandemic, conversations lasted 32% longer. Members also frequently updated their bios to encourage discussion, with Gen Z updating their bios nearly three times as frequently as they did before the pandemic and still twice as frequently as Millennials.

Relationships made online are a mixed bag of successes and failures.

At least 40% of Gen Z users of online dating apps planned to continue using them after the pandemic, Tinder discovered, even though they helped people connect during the pandemic. The cast of Real Girlfriends in Paris is an example of this behavior because roughly half of the cast members appear to use dating apps in some capacity.

Kacey Margo prefers to mix up her dating activities, both offline and online. Online, she connected with Leo, a seasoned handball player. In a confessional, Margo claims, “I met Leo on a dating app. “In February, we matched. On Halloween, we ventured outside for the first time. But he is very busy. He acts like a complete professional athlete. Just hoping Leo has a good time off the court.

The cast of Real Girlfriends in Paris attends a handball match with the intention of meeting Leo and his friends afterwards. But Margo is completely let down when Leo fails to show up. After getting a text from Leo saying he can’t meet them, she confesses, “Flipping embarrassing dude.” Men in Paris, and men in general, don’t seem to take me seriously, I feel.

Dating apps are the norm for Gen Z

Margo revealed to Showbiz Cheat Sheet that she can meet men more effectively. The really cute boys can be found near the river. She chuckled in an interview, “Like a nice drinking day, like let’s go hang out.

But Margo and other people see dating apps as just another way to meet people. Niki Patton, a TikToker, provided her with advice on online dating.

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“I actually think that it’s a really entertaining way to make new friends in general. Not necessarily people I’m attracted to romantically, she said to Bustle. “I recently traveled to Hawaii with some friends, and we decided to play around on Bumble and Tinder for fun. Most people [my age] I know don’t take it too seriously.

On Monday at 9:00 p.m., Real Girlfriends in Paris will air. on Bravo, ET.


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