Celeb Revelation: RHOBH Star Mauricio Umansky Shares He Wasn’t Alone! ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Season 32 Prospecting Multiple Stellar Talents


Mauricio Umansky made history when he became the first husband to join the cast of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” while also being a cast member on the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” franchise. However, in an interview with “Access Hollywood,” Umansky revealed that he was not the only one from the RHOBH cast who was approached to participate in the upcoming season of DWTS. His wife, Kyle Richards, and their friend, country singer Morgan Wade, were also reportedly offered spots on the show but declined the opportunity.

Umansky shared that Richards turned down the offer because she didn’t think she could dance. Over the years, RHOBH fans have seen Richards get down on the dance floor with her friends, but according to Umansky, she doesn’t believe she has what it takes for the ballroom. Despite this, Umansky mentioned that Richards is in amazing shape after a year of healthy eating and working out.

Umansky, on the other hand, expressed his excitement to be a part of DWTS, stating that he has always wanted to learn how to dance properly. He described himself as a Latin guy with dancing blood in his body, but he admitted that prepping for the show has been physically and mentally challenging. His pro partner, Emma Slater, praised Umansky’s joyful approach to dancing and added that she is focusing on refining his technique.

If Richards and Wade had accepted the offer to compete on DWTS alongside Umansky, it would have been a controversial and highly anticipated moment for the show. However, Richards has previously stated that the commitment required for DWTS is not something she is interested in. In a 2017 interview on Heather McDonald’s “Juicy Scoop” podcast, Richards shared that she feels overloaded at the moment and couldn’t dedicate the necessary time and energy to the show.

While Richards may doubt her own dance abilities, her co-star Erika Jayne believes she would be a good fit for DWTS. Jayne competed on the show in 2017 and mentioned during an interview on “Good Morning America” that out of all her co-stars, Richards would do well on the show. This isn’t the first time RHOBH cast members have participated in DWTS, as Lisa Vanderpump and Lisa Rinna, along with her husband Harry Hamlin, have all competed on the show in the past.

In July 2023, it was reported that Richards and Umansky had separated after 27 years of marriage, but they continue to live together. Rumors of Richards’ affair with Wade have circulated, but both women have denied any romantic involvement and maintain that they are just good friends. Interestingly, Richards and Wade were traveling together in Paris when Umansky’s participation in DWTS was announced.

In conclusion, Mauricio Umansky made history as the first-ever husband to join the cast of “Dancing With the Stars” while also being a cast member on the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Both Umansky and his wife Kyle Richards were approached to participate in the show, but Richards turned down the offer, citing her belief that she couldn’t dance. Umansky, however, eagerly embraced the opportunity and is excited to learn how to dance properly. The possibility of Richards and their friend Morgan Wade joining Umansky on DWTS could have created a controversial and highly anticipated dynamic on the show. Despite rumors of Richards’ affair with Wade, both women maintain that they are just good friends.


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