Celebrities always went above and beyond to maintain their personas during prominent film and television roles.

assuming a persona. Method acting is a popular technique used by many well-known Hollywood actors to better get into character and present realistic portrayals on screen.

Nicole Kidman was getting ready to portray the commanding Masha in Hulu’s

“I desired a constant flow of a very serene, healing energy. So I remember going over to people and kind of holding their hand or putting my hand on their heart,” she said at the time, speaking on a panel for the Television Critics Association. “They would address me or call me by my name Nicole, and I would ignore them completely. I would only reply to Masha.


When Masha returned home, he liked it, Kidman said to



LaBeouf added that in order to better embody the character, he pulled out his own tooth, “knifed” his face up, spent several days “watching horses die,” and skipped taking a shower for four months.

Other actors employ a variety of techniques to maintain their personas between takes.

In a YouTube video from August 2017, the British actress said, “I cannot do what Kevin McKidd does and he spends the day switching between accents.” If I did that, Jo Wilson would probably sound very British, so I maintain this accent even when I’m not acting in character because it’s simpler for me to sound American all day.

Learn which actors used method acting for their well-known roles by scrolling down:

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