Cheat “Big Baby” Jarrell Miller, who weighs 341 pounds, triumphs in his first match in three and a half years on the “KO to Drugs” program.

After almost four years away from the ring, JARRELL MILLER made his comeback last night and won.

Ariel Bracamonte, a local favorite, was defeated in Buenos Aires by “Big Baby,” a heavy 341 lb fighter.


Big Baby landed some big shots


Miller needed a decision to defeat Bracamonte, who drops to 11-8 after fights with Anthony Joshua and Jerry Forrest were cancelled due to positive drug tests.

The final score was 97-92 in favor of Miller according to all three judges.

On June 17, Big Baby’s drug ban was lifted, allowing him to resume competition.

Miller found himself back in the ring at Argentina’s modest Casino Buenos Aires instead of his previously scheduled fight against Joshua at New York City’s famous Madison Square Garden.

Prior to his fight with Forrest, Miller tested positive for the prohibited substance GW501516, also known as cardarine and endurobol, and was given a backdated 24-month suspension.

He was given the opportunity to receive a six-month reduction in sentence if he agreed to the requirements for random drug testing, which included submitting to at least two tests each month for six straight months.

However, Miller, who hasn’t engaged in combat since November 2018, couldn’t afford the testing scheme.

His return came at the WBA’s “KO to Drugs” event.


He needed a few rounds to get to know his opponent before the fourth round when a low blow cost him a point.

Miller eventually gained control of the fight and emerged victorious by a wide margin.

He weighed two stone more than he did when he last competed in November 2018 against Bogdan Dinu.

Additionally, he was six pounds heavier than Hafthor “Thor” Bjornsson was for his strongman match against Eddie Hall.

In preparatiоn fоr his victоry оver Dillian Whyte, Miller recently traveled tо the UK tо spar with Tysоn Fury.

Miller returned to action with a victory


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