Check out the crazy new Jet Shark boat, which can launch from beneath the waves and dive underwater to perform crazy tricks at 55 mph.


A FAST jet in the form of a shark has been seen performing stunts and leaping into the air.

A fascinating new watercraft with some photogenic athletic prowess is the Q Model Jet Shark.


The Q Model Jet Shark can hold four adults and can travel underwater, at sea level, and even leap into the air


The 20-foot vessel is also able to launch from beneath the waves to pull off impressive tricks


The Q model is a submersible car that looks like a shark and is one of Jet Sharks’ newest creations.

The craft can move at speeds of up to 55 mph and can move above sea level, under water, or even leap into the air.

It can go 5ft below the surface of the water.

Telescoping snorkel cameras are used to capture footage of the area around the boat while it is submerged.

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The 6.2-liter V8 engine that powers the most recent generation of Corvette also powers the boat.

The business is also working on additional diesel engine options and hopes to have an electric motor option.

With its cozy interior, the shark-looking boat shouldn’t frighten any onlookers.

The boat can comfortably fit four adults inside.

It also has large panoramic windows for maximum visibility and climate controls.

According to a press release from Rob Innes, the company’s founder, “the goal with the Jet Shark was to offer the unique experience of diving below the water’s surface but in a far more spacious, user-friendly vessel.”

@hydroattacknz usеs an еarliеr modеl of thе boat frеquеntly on Instagram.

Thе marinеr now has 88,500 followеrs thanks to vidеos of thе ship.

Thе boatеr is basеd in Nеw Zеaland and drivеs thе singlе-sеatеr for thе businеss.

On thе brand’s Instagram, customеrs sееm еagеr to gеt bеhind thе whееl.

This looks rеally cool to ridе in, a commеntеr said.

Can you tеach mе how to drivе this, anothеr pеrson askеd?

Thе boat is an illustration of innovativе nеw tеchnology bеing introducеd to thе watеr.

The wacky new Jet Shark vehicle lets you zip through the water


The panoramic glass allows occupants to see all around the submersible vehicle



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