Children’s suicidal thoughts and actions are linked to excessive screen time, according to a recent study.


Children who spend too much time in front of screens may develop suicidal thoughts, according to research.

Two years later, there was a nine percent increase in risk for each additional hour spent by kids ages nine to eleven.


The data from a long-term study of brain development in the United States was analyzed by researchers.

Screen time has been shown to displace “socializing, activity, and sleep,” as noted by author Dr. Jason Nagata.

“Screen usage could lead to social isolation, cyberbullying, and sleep disruption, all of which can worsen mental health,” he said.

“Parents should have frequent discussions with their children about appropriate screen time and role modeling positive screen habits,”

It was estimated that by the year 2021, one in six English children ages 6 to 16 “had a probable mental health condition” thanks to the efforts of the Health Foundation charity.


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