Christine Quinn reveals that ‘Selling Sunset’ has six full-time storyboarders and that she knows she’ll ‘never win’ with the edits she receives.

Selling Sunset is a Netflix reality show with a lot of drama, beautiful real estate, and unusually stylish realtors. It’s easy to see why so many people binge-watch it on a regular basis when you put everything together.

But how much of the show is improvised and how much is pre-recorded? What influence do the show’s stars have over any of this? Christine Quinn, host of the Selling Sunset show, recently revealed some fascinating details about it.

Christine Quinn vs. the ‘Selling Sunset’ editors

While there is plenty of real drama and problems on and off the set of Selling Sunset, Quinn claims that a lot of it is scripted.

Quinn showed a clip from a scene with co-star Heather Rae Young in a recent Us Magazine interview. “You said comments about Chrishell sleeping with Jason while she was still married, and you know that’s bulls–t,” Heather said in a dubbed voiceover over the edited clip.

“Oh, my God, that’s hilarious, I did say that,” Quinn responded after Heather’s statement.

Quinn seemed to reveal false personal information about Chrishell and Jason’s relationship in the edited clip. Quinn, on the other hand, had a different clip — one that shows the original conversation.

“Heather never even brought that up in the scene,” she continued, “but I guess that’s not true.”

The storyboarders’ role on ‘Selling Sunset’ is explained by Christine Quinn.

Six full-time storyboarders, according to Quinn, are working on the show full-time. It is their responsibility to develop storylines that will provide viewers with the juicy drama they crave. They develop storylines but are willing to change them as the situation on set dictates.

During the interview, the 33-year-old went on to explain how it works in more detail:

“I went to work.” Six storyboarders are employed full-time. They write the storylines and can rotate them depending on how things change in the real world in our lives. However, we have six full-time storyboarders who are responsible for creating narratives.”

On the ‘Call Her Daddy’ podcast, Quinn spills even more secrets.

Quinn didn’t stop there with his leaking of information. She went on to talk about her salary, how the show’s storyboarders run things, and how she “can never win” with them. Quinn discussed Selling Sunset salaries with Alex Cooper on her appearance on the Call Her Daddy Show.

Quinn said she got paid the most on the show and that there were three different pay tiers on the show when asked about who got paid the most. She went on to say that she received the highest pay on the show because her entertainment lawyer fought hard to get her that amount.

Quinn got what she deserved because she fought hard for it. Her co-stars, on the other hand, were not as fortunate. According to Quinn’s statements to Cooper during the podcast, she attempted to get equal pay for the rest of the Selling Sunset cast by encouraging her co-stars to demand higher pay:

“They told us there were tiers, and I was the one who went to the cast and said, ‘Listen, if we need to get paid what I believe we deserve because we’re worth it as a whole, because we’re equals, then we need to band together and be on the same page.’ But it didn’t work, and some people were eager to sign their contracts right away, so they were banded in a different tier.”

So, what’s new with Quinn? She has left the Oppenheimer Group, but says she will continue to appear on Netflix’s show. She’s also a mother of a young toddler, the owner of the Real Open brokerage firm, and a published author.

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