Clayton Echard’s Ex Demands Paternity Test as She Alleges Their Enchanting Encounter Resulted in Her Unexpected Pregnancy!


The Paternity Test Drama Surrounding Clayton Echard

The Bachelor’s Clayton Echard finds himself in a potential paternity scandal as his ex makes claims that he is the father of her unborn twins. The allegations were revealed in court documents obtained by The Sun.

An Anonymous Accuser

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, alleges that she became pregnant after a one-night stand with Echard. While the woman is demanding a paternity test, Echard denies any sexual relationship between them, stating to the outlet, “We did not have sexual intercourse.”

A Demanding Paternity Test

According to the court filing submitted on August 1, the woman insists that she last engaged in sexual activity on May 20, and since she hadn’t been with anyone else since March 2022, Echard must be the twins’ father. The expectant mother claims to have taken multiple at-home pregnancy tests and received confirmation of her pregnancy with twins at an urgent care facility on June 1.

She alleges that she sent the test results to Echard in June, but he doubted their authenticity. In an attempt to prove her claims, Echard allegedly asked her to come over to take a test. He later messaged her, admitting, “I wanted you to come over to confirm what I was doubting. And you did confirm that. So, I don’t see you as a liar anymore,” as per the court documents.

The Paternity Test Refusal

Although Echard initially agreed to take a paternity test in August, he later refused to go through with it after the woman had put down a $725 deposit. However, Echard states that he is the one who has been requesting a test, with the woman being responsible for the payment. He describes her claims as baseless and states that he is not giving them any consideration.

The Legal Battle Commences

The parties involved are scheduled to appear in court on September 28 for an early resolution conference. Echard regards the case as “groundless and lacking in merit” and has requested that he be awarded attorney’s fees.

Clayton Echard’s Journey on The Bachelor

Clayton Echard rose to fame when he appeared on season 18 of The Bachelorette in 2021. Subsequently, he became the Bachelor for season 26. At the end of the show, Echard chose Susie Evans as his final rose, but she turned down his proposal. Although they tried to rekindle their relationship, the couple confirmed their separation in September 2022. Echard expressed uncertainty about the future of their romance, stating, “We don’t know…we can’t stay together any longer because we have nothing left to give.”

In conclusion, Clayton Echard finds himself entangled in a paternity dispute as his ex demands a test to determine if he is the father of her unborn twins. Despite Echard’s denial of any sexual relationship, the woman remains adamant about her claims. The upcoming court proceedings will shed light on the truth behind this contentious situation.


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