COLA Social Security payment schedule 2022 — An increase of $143 per month is expected in 2023 – when can you expect it?

The way adjustments are calculated is being changed by lawmakers.

Rep. Paul Ryan introduced the Social Security 2100 Act. According to CNBC, John Larson suggests switching to the CPI-E.

President Joe Biden advocated for this and other Social Security reforms during his campaign.

Social Security and senior advocacy organizations such as The Senior Citizens League have advocated for changes to the CPI-E, which was introduced in 1987 by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics on Congress’s orders.

Nancy Altman, the head of the advocacy group Social Security Works, stated in written testimony submitted for a congressional hearing in December that the transition would not result in a benefit increase.

“It simply ensures that benefits do not erode over time,” Altman wrote.

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