Colin Cowherd unleashes scathing critique on Russell Wilson as Broncos encounter disastrous 0-2 start: Expect a whirlwind of controversy!


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The Denver Broncos may be facing significant challenges with their quarterback, Russell Wilson, according to FOX Sports analyst Colin Cowherd. In a recent podcast, Cowherd stated that Wilson, who is 34 years old, looks much older on the field and lacks the same energy and skills he had in the past. He questioned whether Wilson’s age, confidence, or emotional state could be contributing to his decline in performance.

Despite Wilson’s efforts to stage a comeback in the game against the Washington Commanders, the Broncos ultimately lost due to a controversial no-call on their two-point attempt. Since the Broncos traded for Wilson in 2022, they have struggled, with Wilson only winning 4 out of 13 games as a starter.

Cowherd also expressed concerns about the pairing of Wilson and first-year head coach Sean Payton, citing their different personalities and the potential for conflicts in the future. He predicted that the situation in Denver could worsen and result in major turbulence for the team.

On his show, “The Herd,” Cowherd further criticized Wilson for his performance in the second half of games. He argued that paying quarterbacks such as Wilson large sums of money should lead to better performances in the second half, but Wilson has not lived up to expectations. Cowherd cited Wilson’s lower completion percentage, fewer touchdowns, and lower passer rating in the second half as evidence of his decline.

Not all analysts share Cowherd’s pessimism about the Wilson-Payton pairing. Former head coach Rex Ryan believes that the duo has been working well together and that the Denver Broncos’ offense has been performing at a high level. Ryan attributed the team’s struggles to their defense, which blew a significant lead in the game against Washington.

In conclusion, there are differing opinions on the performance of Russell Wilson and the future of the Denver Broncos. While some, like Colin Cowherd, believe that the team is headed for turbulence and blame Wilson for their struggles, others, like Rex Ryan, see potential in the Wilson-Payton pairing and attribute the team’s issues to other factors. Ultimately, time will tell how Wilson and the Broncos will fare in the coming games.


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