Concern is raised about Julianne Hough after noticing her unrecognizably thin frame in a recent image.

Fans were shocked to see JULIANNE Hough in a recent social media post that she shared while going through a divorce, looking almost unrecognizable.

The professional dancer and her husband Brooks Laich made the announcement that they were divorcing in May 2020.


The star posed in a bikini and looked almost unrecognizable


Julianne, 34, posted a picture from her workout on Instagram on Sunday.

She posed for the photograph in a brown bikini while perched on what looked like a wooden bench and surrounded by crystals.

She appeared to be wearing no makeup and had her hair pulled back from her face.

With dark hair and a noticeably thinner frame, she appeared drastically different from how she had previously appeared.

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Fans praised her appearance in the comments, with one writing: “Such a natural beauty.”

Another commenter said, “Eyebrows low key looking flawless.”

She also shared video from what appeared to be a sauna on her Instagram Stories.

Her lips were slightly parted, and sweat dripped from her face.


Nearly two years after initially filing for divorce, Julianne and Brooks finally got divorced in June.

According to court documents obtained by Us Weekly, they have plans to decide what to do with the engagement ring the actress was given. The documents also outline their settlement.

After dating for four years, the former contestant of Dancing With the Stars and the athlete got married in July 2017.

In 2020, after the couple had spent some time apart during the lockdown in the midst of the pandemic, rumors started to circulate that they had split up.

They officially announced their split in May 2020.

The couple claimed in a joint statement: “We have thoughtfully and lovingly taken the time we have needed to come to our decision to separate.

“We have a great deal of love and respect for one another, and we’ll keep acting from the bottom of our hearts. Please continue to show compassion and respect for our privacy.

Before calling it quits, the couple “argued a lot,” a source told Us.

“[They] simply held divergent opinions on significant issues. The insider continued, “[They were] trying to find themselves apart from one another and deal with any problems they’ve faced that were exacerbated while married.

In November 2020, Julianne submitted the necessary paperwork to end the marriage.

Us reported earlier this year that the actress’s filing of a Declaration for Uncontested Dissolution indicated that the divorce was almost done.

The original or which is being or has been submitted to the court states that “the parties have entered into a written agreement regarding their property and their marriage or domestic partnership rights, including support.”

The couple had a prenup before getting married, as per their settlement.

At the time, neither accepted spousal support.

The ex-spouses paid for their own attorneys as they worked out the details of their separation.

They walked away with everything they personally owned before the marriage because they had no joint real estate holdings.

Prior to their divorce, Julianne and Brooks purchased a membership to the Gozzer Ranch Gold and Lake Club as a joint asset.

They each own 50% of the property, so they are not required to divide it, according to legal documents obtained by the outlet.

The divorce judgment should take “immediate effect,” according to both parties’ requests.

Together, they also made a commitment to meet later to “confer to effectuate the disposition of the engagement ring.”

If they can’t come to an agreement, a judge will intervene to resolve the conflict.


Julianne had ties to Ben Barnes after her breakup with Brooks.

She was also spotted giving Charlie Wilson, a model, a lot of PDA.

Brooks formalized his relationship with Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir in August 2021.

Julianne moved to New York about two months before getting divorced and packed her bags.

With the caption “This spot on the floor has been where I eat my breakfast, listen to music, and drink my own wine out of my one coffee mug,” she gave fans a peek into the next stage of her life.

“Where I think about the next phase of my life and how drastically different things are now.”

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“New beginnings” was a phrase I frequently heard yesterday with some new friends who welcomed me into their home for Easter, continued Julianne.

I have everything I need in this empty house, when I really think about it.

She and ex Brooks Laich recently finalized their divorce


Julianne has been open with fans about starting over post-split


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