Concerned about her 5-year-old daughter Ryder’s health, teen mom Cheyenne Floyd has asked for prayers.


CHEYENNE Floyd has requested prayers for her daughter Ryder, age 5, who has been dealing with a mysterious illness that keeps coming back.

While chatting with fans via Instagram Stories, the Teen Mom: Next Chapter star asked for prayers.


Cheyenne revealed that Ryder 'keeps getting sick' since she entered kindergarten


A follower asked if she had any prayer requests after she had shown so much kindness and support to her audience. Is there anything we can do?

In response to the concerned fan, Cheyenne (30) discussed the difficulties her daughter, who she shares with ex-husband (31) Cory Wharton.

According to the MTV star, “Prayers for Ryders & a speedy recovery.”

She continued, “It seems like ever since she started kindergarten she’s been sick.”

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A year ago, Cory posted to Instagram Stories about how he and Ryder had to rush her to the hospital because she was “sick.” He praised his “brave” daughter.

When Ryder was rushed to the hospital on Valentine’s Day, he had a “rough” morning.

The father took pictures of his tiny “warrior” wrapped in a pink flower blanket and hooked up to an IV.

The then-four-year-old shared with her audience, “Hey guys, my Valentine’s Day is doing some sickness in the hospital.”

When Cory asked how his daughter was doing, she said, “Good, I got this in my arm so brave.” Cory’s daughter was referring to the IV she had just received.

You are so courageous that you didn’t even cry,” the MTV dad said.

To which Ryder added, “Happy Valentine’s Day. This Valentine’s Day has been fantastic for me.

In the hospital, you’re doing great and I’m really proud of you,” Cory joked.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better okay?”

The child then wished everyone an “I love you, Happy Valentine’s!” in her best sing-song voice, before blowing a kiss into the camera.

When the video was about to end, Cory appeared, peace sign in hand, to reassure viewers that “Ryder is doing better you guys.”

A worried dad captioned his post, “My warrior. After a difficult morning, Ryder is doing much better now.


Ryder, who is now five years old, appeared to be in good health in the video that Cheyenne posted last month.

The video, titled “Good Morning,” featured Ryder doing her best Gigi Hadid impersonation while showing off her new black leather jacket.

Cheyenne modeled her daughter’s jacket along with a hoodie and sweatpants from the Fear of God Essentials line.

Over the course of the short video, the young model struck a series of Vogue poses that showcased her big personality.

The former Teen Mom OG star has posted three new photos of her daughter on Instagram.

She wrote the caption “so much sass so early,” and it prompted comments about Ryder’s sassy demeanor.

Someone commented, “Omg my daughter wakes up and goes to sleep with sass! “Lol, he never, ever turns it off”

Cheyenne told her fanatic, “it’s never off!!! “, indicating her agreement.

Cory said, “Rockstar,” and added the “rock on” emoticon to emphasize his point.

An additional supporter remarked, “Ryder is maturing at a rapid rate.”

The fourth person commented, “You wouldn’t think that she could get any cuter, yet she does every year.”


Cheyenne recently pranked Ryder in a disgusting video that has fans shocked by her raunchy humor.

The TV star hasn’t been shy about sharing photos of her family on social media, including husband Zach Davis (age 32) and their two children.

Cheyenne added to the trend with a new shocking video on her Instagram Reels.

Wednesday night, the reality star posted a video to her platform from the couch next to Ryder.

The Los Angeles mom captured some sweet moments of her daughter cuddling up to her and watching TV.

Since her stomach hurt, she asked Ryder to hold her hand, and she continued to write.

After that, Cheyenne played a loud fart sound on her phone and waited for her daughter’s reaction.

Ryder ignored the noise until it got really loud, at which point she jerked her head toward her mother’s camera.

With a laughing emoji, the mother of two questioned why it took her so long to respond to her “farting” on social media.

After reading the post, fans expressed their dismay in the comments.

They joked that she was treating it like old news.

“She was trying to be nice and was ignoring it until she could no longer,” a second person agreed.

A third laughed: “Hahahaha she’s so funny,” while a fourth trolled: “I’m all about being comfy in my own home. The fact that you shared it on social media, however, is just…wow.

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She stopped and said, “Wait, I know that wasn’t you” as a fifth person spoke up.

“Ry’s face at the end was like wth was that,” someone else said.

Cheyenne was interacting with her fans over Instagram when she opened up about her daughter's illness


Ryder's dad, Cory Wharton, rushed the then-four-year-old to the hospital last year when she suffered from a 'sickness'


Ryder looked to be in good health when she  posed in an all-black outfit with a leather jacket last month



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