Couples exchange vows in the “best airport in the world” with a glass dome and floral arches.

Travel enthusiasts frequently take trips to commemorate significant life occasions, such as honeymoons and anniversaries, by leaving for the airport.

However, some couples have made an airport their final stop because they decide to wed there.

After being named the “world’s best airport” for years in a row, Changi Airport in Singapore has opened its doors for weddings with a number of venues inside the 753,000 square foot interior.

During their celebration of their marriage, a couple rode roller coasters at Skegness.

The enormous airport is renowned for having a profusion of eateries and retail establishments, many of which will now accommodate travelers on their special day.

The Jewel Changi Airport has a stunning glass-finished ceiling with wavy geometric patterns and lots of light.

The airport is covered in plants, creating greenhouse-like surroundings that blend architecture and nature to create a stunning location.

Couple sitting at table

The Cloud9 Piazza is the first location you can host your wedding reception.

At the top of the airport, in front of the HSBC Rain Vortex, is this 1,000 square meter space.

In the meantime, you can reserve the Valley View Private Suite if you want a small wedding.

A private open balcony with a view of the Shiseido Forest Valley is located in this enclosed space.

Additionally, it “completes the romantic garden theme with idyllic views of the valley’s lush greenery,” making it the ideal setting for a cozy reception.

The canopy flower arch at Changi Airport Group

Booking your wedding at the Jewel’s Canopy Park will up the ante.

A three-meter-high flower arch situated close to the Topiary Walk and the surrounding lush greenery combine to create an impressive venue without the need to purchase additional flowers directly beneath the glass-domed roof.

The Hub & Spoke is a tiny outdoor garden near Terminal 2 that’s perfect for ceremonies or a reception dinner if you want to celebrate outside.

Couple kissing at Hub & Spoke

The happy couple can arrange the lawn area or air-conditioned glasshouse cafe according to their preferences.

And if you’d like, you can even bring your beloved pets to Hub & Spoke.

The Jewel suite can be reserved by those who want to party after the wedding or host a private tea ceremony.

Up to 20 guests can enjoy the stylish seating and opulent decor in this compact, modern lounge room.

You can celebrate your recent nuptials by indulging in food and drinks.

The Valley View Private Suite

A reception at the Cloud9 Piazza will cost from $218 per person and requires a minimum of 120 guests.

Based on the current exchange rate, that works out to £135.65 per person, making a wedding for 120 guests cost only £16, 278.

A ceremony at the Valley View suite costs £1,423, whereas.

A corkage fee will be charged if you bring your own alcohol, and halal food options are available upon request.

Any additional costs must be confirmed with the location at cloud9piazza@changiairport.com.

You can get married at the ‘World’s best airport’

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