Courageous Soap Star Kassie DePaiva Overcomes Leukemia, Only to Face a Fierce Breast Cancer Fight a Year Later. Inspiring Resilience Shines On!


Days of Our Lives Star Kassie DePaiva Beats Leukemia and Breast Cancer

Kassie DePaiva, famous for her role as Eve Donovan on the soap opera Days of Our Lives, recently shared that she has successfully overcome both leukemia and breast cancer. In an interview on Soap Opera Digest’s “Dishing With Digest,” DePaiva revealed that she was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, a cancer of the blood and bone marrow, before being hit with the second blow of breast cancer one year later.

A Double Battle

In July 2016, DePaiva discovered “little knots” under her arm while on a break from filming Days of Our Lives. A biopsy confirmed her worst fears—she had leukemia. The actress immediately started chemotherapy to combat the disease. However, her fight was far from over. Just a year after her leukemia diagnosis, DePaiva received yet another blow—she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite the odds, DePaiva underwent a lumpectomy, and fortunately, the cancer was cleared.

A Journey Filled with Challenges

DePaiva did not shy away from sharing the difficulties she faced during her chemotherapy treatments. Describing the experience as “minute to minute,” she recounted the constant physical discomfort. The side effects ranged from feeling faint to experiencing intense nausea. Every day was a struggle, with DePaiva never knowing what to expect. However, she never lost hope. She endured the ups and downs, fighting every minute for her life.

A Light at the End of the Tunnel

After what felt like an eternity, DePaiva finally reached the end of her treatment journey. Looking back, she admitted that it was hard to believe she had gone through so much. Overwhelmed with gratitude, DePaiva expressed her relief and astonishment at her survival. Her journey had transformed her, and she vowed to cherish every moment of her cancer-free life.

Days of Our Lives’ Kassie DePaiva Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer 1 Year After Leukemia Battle

A Return to the Small Screen

DePaiva has been a beloved presence on Days of Our Lives since 2014, where she portrays the character of Eve Donovan. Additionally, she has appeared as Blair Cramer on One Life to Live and General Hospital. Now that her health battles are behind her, DePaiva has returned to both Days of Our Lives and General Hospital. Her fans are ecstatic to see her back in action, stirring up drama on their favorite shows.

Taking to Twitter, DePaiva announced her return to General Hospital and expressed her excitement for the upcoming drama. Her dedicated fanbase eagerly awaits her captivating performances on the small screen once again.

A Journey Shared with Fans

DePaiva’s journey with cancer became public in August 2016, when she shared her leukemia diagnosis in a blog post. At the time, she was hospitalized for six weeks and expressed her gratitude for the support of her prayer warriors, family, and friends. Though unable to continue filming immediately, DePaiva remained hopeful and determined to return to her role in Salem, the fictional town where Days of Our Lives is set.

With her cancer battle behind her, DePaiva has emerged as a beacon of resilience and hope. Her inspiring story serves as a reminder that even in the face of adversity, one can come out stronger and embrace life to the fullest.


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