Courtney Veale on the “Below Deck Med” Kiss: “I Always Thought Guests Were off Limits”


Did Kyle Viljoen’s now-famous kiss on Below Deck Mediterranean go too far? Yes, Viljoen made a lot of overt advances toward the charter passengers. And while the visitors were aboard Home, he unquestionably spent more time relaxing than entertaining them.

But when he kissed charter guest Frank Fay on Below Deck Med, did he violate the code? After the end of Fay’s charter, Viljoen and Fay shared a passionate kiss in front of a bar. Many crew members assert that it’s acceptable to hook up with a charter guest after the trip has ended. However, Below Deck Med deckhand Courtney Veale acknowledged that she was quite taken aback when she witnessed their kiss.

Courtney was unsure of the regulations regarding guest kissing after a charter.

Hooking up with a charter guest while on a charter, according to Veale, is a grave mistake. But for her, it was less clear whether it was off-limits after the charter. She admitted to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, “In the past, I always thought kind of guests were off limits.

Courtney Veale and Kyle Viljoen Below Deck Med cast photos

She continued, “But on the other hand, obviously, you don’t usually see guests after the trip.” I’ve never really known the afterward rules, so. They did, after all, wait until afterwards, which is wise, in my opinion. And I believe the only problem with the entire situation was when work was somewhat sacrificed. Chef Dave White and chief stew Natasha Webb failed to communicate about a wine pairing dinner, which resulted in a mess. However, that wasn’t just Kyle, that was a few different situations.

Kyle was given the go-ahead by Captain Sandy to date after the charter.

Veale recalled that Viljoen received the “go ahead” as well from Captain Sandy Yawn. She remembered hearing, “Like, always follow your heart.” “You can’t just let a connection go if you have one. So, in a way, I believe he received the all-clear, and it wasn’t on the boat. They weren’t even returning to the boat, really. Therefore, it wouldn’t have an impact on him at work later. Since it was raining and we were all in the taxi, it seemed a little bit crazy to us as it was happening. I mean, it was just a surreal event to us. After a charter trip, I don’t recall ever going out with the passengers. It was really cool,

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Yea, I concur. She told US Weekly, “What they do once they are off the vessel in their personal lives is their personal decision. In that case, she continued, “go for it if they want to hook up with clients after they’re signed off the vessel. “I’m a total lover. I got in love. I want everyone to be loved, but you can’t do that in a workplace.

“Let’s not forget seasons back when that occurred with another crew member,” the author continued. Simply put, you shouldn’t cross that line. Charter guest hookups have occurred on both Below Deck and Below Deck Med in the past, though not all of them were off charter. In the corporate world, it doesn’t happen. For instance, cameras captured deckhand Bobby Giancola kissing a charter visitor while they were both riding jet skis.

On “Below Deck Down Under,” a visitor and a crew member also share a kiss.

After the charter on Below Deck Down Under came to an end, a guest and crew member shared a kiss. After the charter was over, the crew reunited with the passengers at a bar, where deckhand Culver Bradbury gave one of them a kiss.

The kiss wasn’t a good look, chief stew Aesha Scott told Showbiz Cheat Sheet, because Bradbury and deckhand Brittini Burton had been flirting. But after the charter is over, kissing a guest is perfectly acceptable. “After they get off the boat, they have free reign. All of them are adults, she said. “They are free to do as they please. You really shouldn’t on the boat. However, if they want to give you their number and you want to follow that up with a quick kiss, go for it.

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