Courtroom witnesses gasp at Walmart killer’s rude gesture toward judge after he ‘intentionally plowed into shoppers.’


A SUSPECTED MURDERER held up two middle fingers as he was being arrested for allegedly killing one man and injuring others by driving his car into a Walmart.

After being charged with more than ten counts and denied bail for his alleged involvement in the senseless crash, 18-year-old Khalil Pugh made the reprehensible outburst.


Kenneth Kennedy, 66, died in the heartless crash


Local CBS affiliate WCTV reports that the suspect’s denial of bond was met with audible gasps and a “Get it together” from the shocked audience.

Officer: “That’s what you call having no remorse,” as reported by the media outlet.

To get Pugh out of the courtroom, bailiffs snatched him up.

Investigators in Thomasville say they have found enough evidence to charge him with murder because of Wednesday’s crash.

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On Wednesday, Pugh drove a gray Toyota Camry through the parking lot of a Walmart in Florida and into the front doors.

Kenneth Kennedy, a 66-year-old veteran and U.S. government employee from Monticello, was killed in a car crash. Kennedy served in the Army for 17 years. Sending mail for 17 more years.

An official tally has not yet been released, but preliminary reports indicate at least three additional people were hurt in the collision.

Pugh allegedly tried to flee the scene of the crime, but was apprehended by witnesses who happened to be shoppers in the area.

There is a chilling mugshot of the suspect smiling eerily after the fatal crash, and it is disturbing.

Police say the suspect had a history of trouble for attempted auto theft at another location.

A second passenger was detained for questioning after police noticed they were sitting next to the driver.

It’s not yet known if criminal charges will be brought against the suspect.

Malicious murder, felony murder, homicide by motor vehicle, and aggravated assault with intent to murder are just some of the charges against Pugh.


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