Customers at Walmart rush to scan a clothing item on clearance for $3, 75% off the original price.


There is a SAVVY shopper out there who has made it her life’s work to guide her followers to the best sales at major retailers.

Keisha recently went to Walmart and posted a video to her YouTube channel detailing her strategy for finding clearance items for less than 75% off.


Keisha showed her Youtube subscribers where to find marked-down children's clothing


The four-time mom writes extensively about her experiences buying clothes and toys for her children.

The bargain-hunter started her video in the girls’ underwear section, where she found a lot of warm pairs for a low price.

Yellow clearance stickers that didn’t match the products’ actual prices remained on them.

She discovered the items were six dollars cheaper on the Walmart app after scanning their barcodes.

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Check them out. Again, if you see them at your location, I have them scanning for $3.

Keisha, a Texan, said she had to buy thermal, long underwear because the weather has been so erratic.

Several different thermal sets, each with its own pattern and shade, were displayed for the audience.

Keisha also mentioned that girls’ tights were scanning for only $1.50, which was a significant discount.

She bought the sets despite the fact that Walmart did not have her required sizes.

Since “they get a little pricey” and “I have four kids so it’s it always benefits me to you know get them,” she said she would save them for next year.

A lot of Keisha’s fans shared their own Walmart stories and tips in the comments.

‘My Walmart has so so much clearance and like you showed, the price stickers were incorrect,’ said one customer. You merely need to scan rapidly and thoroughly.

Someone else chimed in with their own speculation on the subject of why some Walmarts have more “secret” clearance items than others.

There aren’t many clearance items anywhere in my Walmart, so I can only assume that this is the case at a subset of stores. It’s possible, she guessed, that Walmart stores were closing.

While it’s true that many Walmart stores will be closing soon, Keisha said she had no idea the one she went to was one of them.

Definitely not going to close. There is always a clearance section at Walmart. I shop at various Walmarts because they’re all different,” she explained.

The mother of four showed that any trip to Walmart can be fruitful if you know how to find the best deals.

After scanning the items, Keisha found that many sets of girl's warm underwear were available for just three dollars


The products still were tagged with yellow stickers that did not reflect their actual clearance price


Keisha noted that girl's tights were even cheaper, at just $1.50



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